About the Action Center

The Action Center is an online option to make requests and to report issues to the City.  It also includes searchable information and FAQs. The purpose of this page is to help you locate the links on our website which allow you to launch the Action Center.  To learn more about the Action Center, find one of the links below and search “Action Center” in the Find Information module.  You do not have to create an account to search information, but many Make a Request types do require you to first set up an account.  In an account has been set up for you, log in with your email address in order to choose a password.

axc screen shot

Screen shot of the Vestavia Hills Action Center

We want to make it convenient for you to use the Action Center, we have included it in several places on our website:

Footer – Find the “Vestavia Hills Action Center” link on the lower right hand corner of our home page and almost all other pages of our website (including this page).

Button – “Action Center” is one of the buttons located under the Government heading of the website

Link – “Action Center” is a link on the Public Services page (under Departments heading)

Mobile App – The “Vestavia Hills Action Center” is available free in iTunes and Google Play.

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AXC from home pageAXC from GovtAXC from OnlineSvcAXC from PublicSvc