The City is always interested in helping its residents manage their community concerns. As such, coyotes periodically emerge in our residential subdivisions. Following are a few simple things you can do to make Vestavia Hills less habitable for these and other such creatures:

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities as a private property owner if you choose to have someone hunt or trap on your land. For more info, see
  • Keep your own pets in at night, don’t leave food out, and have your pets on a leash when you go out.
  • Learn and use hazing techniques. If you encounter a coyote, do not run. For more information, see animals/coyotes/tips/hazing_guidelines.html.
  • Keep garbage cans closed.
  • Clear vegetation around the house.
  • Keep lights on at night.
  • Coyotes, which are mostly active between dusk and dawn, are very adaptable and will eat almost anything. Their presence is driven by hunger. While they typically don’t attack humans, they are becoming less shy and may pose a threat to pets. They den near creeks and breed during spring. Coyotes are often brownish-gray but can also be black or albino. Recognize them by their long legs, tall pointed ears, slender muzzle and bushy tail.