Ordinances are the statutes or regulations of the municipal government, and they are approved through action of the City Council. Some ordinances describe the limits and regulations for certain activities, i.e. noise ordinance, parking, leash law, etc. Other ordinances establish the physical boundaries, adopted codes, and multi-year financial transactions of the City.  Regulatory ordinances are codified.   Citations for violations will often list the code that applies, and the code will reference the ordinance on which it is based.

The complete code of ordinances of the City of Vestavia Hills is accessible through the searchable MuniCode database. MuniCode is updated periodically. To search the ordinances, enter the subject of interest, e.g. “dogs,” and you will see a listing of code sections including the search term.  If you have any questions about a code, ordinance, or MuniCode, please contact the City Clerk at rleavings@vhal.org or 205-978-0131.

Proposed and Recently Passed Ordinances