Traffic Offenses & Fines

For fine payment options, please follow this link, Paying Fines.

Traffic Offenses That Will Lead to a Mandatory Court Appearance

You must appear in court after the following citations are issued:

  • Driving while your drivers license is suspended, revoked or cancelled
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving with no drivers license

Insurance Citations

If you have insurance, but proof was not in the vehicle at the time the citation was given, the case will be dismissed without costs if you show proof of insurance to the Court Magistrate before your scheduled court date. Otherwise, the following fines will apply:

  • $165.00 if you purchase insurance after you receive the citation.
  • $265.00 if you do not have insurance by your court date.


CHARGE FINE (The exact amount due)
Child Restraints $175.00
Disobeying Traffic Device $185.00
Drivers License Expired or Not in Driver’s Possession – these cases will be dismissed if valid license is shown to Magistrate by the court date. $240.00
Driving Across Median $195.00
Driving on Wrong Side of Road $195.00
Failure to Dim $175.00
Failure to Drive in Traffic Lane $185.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way $185.00
Failure to Yield to Stationary Emergency Vehicle $185.00
Following Too Closely $185.00
Following Emergency Vehicle Too Closely $215.00
Improper Backing $185.00
Improper Brakes $185.00
Improper Lane Change $185.00
Improper Lights $185.00
Improper Muffler $175.00
Improper Passing $185.00
Improper or No Rear-View Mirror $185.00
Improper Signal $175.00
Improper Tint $185.00
Improper Tires $185.00
Improper Turn $185.00
Insurance Required

(See information at the top of this page)
Lights Required In The Rain – $175.00
Littering – $265.00
No Helmet (Motorcycle Rider) – $175.00
Rear View Impaired – $175.00
Running Red Light – $185.00
Running Stop Sign – $185.00
Seat Belt – $26.00
Speeding – $185.00
Speeding (25 mph or more over the posted limit) – $205.00
Speeding-Construction Zone-Workers present – $205.00
Speeding (25 mph or more over the posted limit) – Construction Zone-No Workers present – $245.00
Stopping on the Highway – $195.00
Tag Cover – $169.00
Tag Expired – $190.00
Tag-No Tag – $190.00
Tag-No Utility Tag – $175.00
Wrong Way On A One Way Street – $185.00