Traffic School Information

Driving School.

If this is the first ticket you have received in the past two years, anywhere, you are eligible to opt to the court offices before your court date to register for the four-hour defensive driving class.  In order to choose this option, you must appear IN PERSON to the Magistrate’s Office prior to your court date and you must not have already pleaded guilty (paid the fine).  You will be given complete instructions and a date for your class at that time upon payment of fee for the class.

If you have been issued a traffic citation within the last five years, the Courts will go on a case-by-case basis to determine your eligibility for the eight-hour traffic school class.


4-hour Class is $150.00

8-hour Class is $300.00

These classes are non-refundable.  Please, DO NOT pay your ticket if you wish to attend the driving school.  Once a fine is paid, your case is adjudicated and closed.  Opting to plead guilty and pay your fine makes you ineligible to attend traffic school for this citation.

***Driving School scheduled for Wednesday, January 17, 2018, has been canceled. We will contact those who were scheduled to come in at a later date***