Community Spaces Plan

Executive Summary for the Community Spaces Plan: A Comprehensive Plan for Community Spaces in Vestavia Hills


vestaviahillscirclemarkPlanning for the improvement of our community spaces in Vestavia Hills has been an ongoing effort of many different groups over the last several years. The City in partnership with the Vestavia Hills Parks and Recreation Board would like to introduce and solicit your feedback on the most recent of such efforts, the Community Spaces Plan. We invite you to watch the brief video introduction and to review the presentation.







































The plan involves all areas of our City and is based upon the strategic drivers established in the 2015 Recreation and Athletics Master Plan:

• Re-position quality of life assets to reflect the Vestavia Hills brand and effectively recruit and retain families  2015 P&R Master Plan Cover
• Elevate the quality of existing facilities to comprehensively serve the recreational interests of all members of the community regardless of age
• Increase the capacity of City athletic facilities to ensure that Vestavia Hills youth sports programs deliver a high impact and consistent experience that result in the athletic and personal development of all participants.

Projects to implement the 2015 vision have been included in this comprehensive roadmap for the future. The Community Spaces Plan includes projects across the City, including improvements to the Cahaba Heights ball fields; development of the old Altadena Valley Country Club; and various improvements to Wald Park, including the construction of a multi-purpose athletic facility, repositioning of and improvement to the swimming pool, ball fields, and tennis courts, and the addition of premier green space and park amenities The purchase and renovation of space for a community center is also included in the plan.
This document is to serve as an executive summary for the Community Spaces Plan. Details associated with any of the planning efforts can be found in accompanying documents and presentations. Also, a series of town hall meetings will be held in November and December. If you cannot make those meetings please click on Vestavia Listens (Our Virtual Town Hall) that can be found on the home page of the City’s web site at This forum provides plan information as well as an opportunity for the reader to provide plan input.

Community Spaces Plan Components










The Community Spaces Plan is a comprehensive plan that will result in improvements across the City, affect a broad range of activities, and provide recreational opportunities for all ages. The major plan components are highlighted below, and we welcome you to review the Community Spaces Plan November 2016 presentation.

multipurpose center

Concept for a multi-purpose center at Wald Park

premier park sketch

Sketch for premier park space concept at Wald Park

community center city hall entrance

Concept of entrance to proposed community center from City Hall

• Various upgrades to Wald Park which will elevate its status as a regional park. Proposed upgrades include:

-Construction of a multi-purpose center that would include three multi-purpose courts (basketball, wrestling, volleyball, badminton, etc) and multi-purpose rooms. The proposed building (ranging from 60,000 sq feet to 45,000 sq feet) would be located at Wald Park next to a proposed new swimming pool facility.
-Construction of a premier green space to be located at Wald Park on newly acquired property and in the area of the current senior lodge.
-Construction of a new swimming pool, pool facilities, and pool amenities to be determined.

• Purchase of the building and property adjacent to City Hall (current Gold’s Gym facility) for use as a new community center focused on seniors and civic activities.
• Renovation of the Cahaba Heights ball fields.
• Recreational fields and trail development of the old Altadena Valley Country Club property.
• Various upgrades and amenity additions for tennis, softball and baseball programs in several of our parks.
• Upgrades and further investment in the athletic components of the old Berry High School property.







Execution of the Community Spaces Plan

CSP overview_snipped from pdf

Map of community spaces in Vestavia Hills

heart of city community center

Proposed Community Center adjacent to City Hall and within walking distance of Wald Park

The first series of actions associated with the plan will be the solicitation of input from the community and reflecting that input with any plan adjustments. There will be three town hall events and a month long opportunity for participation in the City’s virtual town hall, Vestavia Hills Listens.  Upon completion of this community input exercise, the plan will be refined and submitted to the Vestavia Hills City Council for review and comment. If the City Council adopts the plan, an implementation strategy will be put into place. At a minimum, the strategy will include funding recommendations and a timeline for program execution.