Animal Control

07-23128Animal/Dog control and the prevention of rabies in the City of Vestavia Hills, Alabama, and within the police jurisdiction thereof, is governed by Chapter Four of the Vestavia Hills Code of Ordinances. The City’s Code of Ordinances are published in a searchable database on the Municode website.

City’s Code of Ordinances

On August 24, 2009, The City Council adopted Ordinance 2265 to amend Chapter Four of the Vestavia Hills Code of Ordinances. This new ordinance is now in effect.

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Below is a brief summary of some of the key provisions of the City of Vestavia Hills dog control measures. Please, refer to the current ordinance for details.

  • Yearly rabies vaccination and proper documentation of same is required (collar and rabies tag).
  • It is unlawful to keep vicious dogs unless certain requirements are met. Under State Code, owners are liable for personal injury caused by a vicious animal.
  • It is unlawful to keep noisy dogs that are a public nuisance to ordinary persons in a neighborhood.
  • Dogs are not allowed to run at large – they must be on a leash when not confined to the owner’s property.
  • Impoundment of dogs found to run at large within the City or its police jurisdiction is authorized by the City.
  • The City has established the position of Dog Control Officer responsible for enforcing the Dog Control Ordinance. He/she has the authority to impound animals in violation of this ordinance and may under certain circumstances issue a citation to owners in lieu of impoundment of their animal. The fine must be paid to the City Revenue Department before the Dog Control Officer can release the animal, however. It is unlawful to interfere with the duties of the Animal Control Officer or his/her assistant.
  • After hours, and on holidays and weekends, when the Animal Control Officer is not on duty, the Vestavia Hills Police Department will impound dogs running at large if it is deemed safe both for the police officer and the dog.
  • All impounded animals are brought to:

Vestavia Hills Animal Clinic

1417 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

Phone: 205-823-7485

  • When a dog is impounded, every reasonable effort will be made to notify the owner, and to inform the owner of the conditions under which he/she may regain custody of the dog. A detailed report will be made by the authority impounding the dog. A copy of this report will be posted at the Animal Clinic and on file at the Police Department (1032 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216) for five consecutive days immediately following apprehension of the dog described in the report. These reports will be kept on file by the Police Department for three years.
  • After the legal detention period of five days has expired and the impounded dog has not been claimed by the owner, the dog may be sold to a new, suitable owner or undergo euthanasia. A proper notice as to the disposition of the impounded animal will be on file at the Police Department not less than 5 days before an action is taken. If the owner is known, a copy of this notice will also be sent to the owner at least 4 days (not including Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays) before the impounded dog is sold/adopted or undergo euthanasia.
  • Penalties for violations of the various provisions of the Animal/Dog Control Ordinance have been defined, and so have procedures for paying such penalties, seeking the release of an impounded animal, etc. Again, please consult the current ordinance to learn important details.
  • If you have questions about the City’s Animal Control Program, please call the Vestavia Hills Police Department at 978-0151.
  • If you need to report a dog at large, a vicious or noisy* dog, please contact:

Vestavia Hills Police Department

Phone: 205-823-1153 (Police Dispatch)
General Information: 205-978-0113 (8am-4pm Mon-Fri) or

1032 Montgomery Highway or
3241 Cahaba Heights Road (Cahaba Heights and Liberty Park)

* Ordinance 2098 encourages neighbor-to-neighbor interaction as a first solution, and should those efforts fail, Ordinance 2098 outlines specific steps to move toward a mediated resolution of a noisy dog problem.