Recycling for all single-family homes in Vestavia Hills is collected weekly on Wednesdays. If you have questions or need additional information, contact or call 205.978.0150.

Be sure to check this site frequently, as the list of accepted/not accepted materials varies depending on market demand for that particular item.

The following items may be placed in your green recycling cart for curbside pickup. Be sure items are EMPTY, CLEAN & DRY!


PAPER – cardboard boxes; computer & office paper; corrugated boxes; envelopes; file folders; junk mail; magazines & catalogs; newspaper & inserts; and shoe boxes.

METAL – aluminum cans; steel cans; and tin cans. Rinse thoroughly. It is not necessary to remove labels.

PLASTIC – Numbers 1 and 2 only. Be sure one of these numbers appears with the recycling symbol on the bottom of your item. If there is not a recycling symbol, do not place it in your recycling cart, but rather in your household garbage. Rinse thoroughly.
Examples of Number 1 Plastics: mouthwash bottles; plastic jars; soft drink bottles; and water bottles.
Examples of Number 2 Plastics: cleaning supply bottles; laundry detergent containers; milk jugs; and shampoo bottles.

Not accepted:

Appliances; batteries; cables or cords; clothing & other textiles; electronics; food soiled paper; food waste; garden hoses; glass; household garbage; HVAC filters; ink & toner cartridges; light bulbs; paper – wax coated; paper cups; phone books; photo paper; plastic bags; plastics #3-7; plastics – bulky items (coolers, toys, etc.); ratchet straps; rope & string; rubber balls; scrap metal; styrofoam; used napkins, paper towels, tissue; vacuum hoses; vacuum cleaners; wire hangers; yard waste.

Need a new or replacement cart?

Request additional or replacement carts at > Make a Request or Ask a Question > Addl, Broken or Needed Garbage or Recycling Cart or call Public Services at 205.978.0150.

Recycling carts are only intended to hold approved recycling items. The standard issue cart (35 gallons) has a maximum capacity of 60 pounds (27.3 kg). Please do not exceed this weight limit.

Please do:

  • Close the lid before moving the cart
  • Clean the recycling cart occasionally
  • Place the cart with the front (arrows) facing the street for collection

Please do not:

  • Allow children to play in or around the garbage carts
  • Place the cart on a steep slope
  • Place the cart on an elevated platform
  • Place anything but approved and properly prepared recyclable materials in the recycling cart
  • Exceed the ANSI weight limitation of 60 pounds

Options to City recycling program:

Birmingham Recycling & Recovery (BRR) is the City’s provider for residential recycling services. While BRR attempts to recycle as much as possible, they are not able to process all materials. If you are in need of other options for recycling a particular product, please consider contacting one of the providers listed below.

E-Recycling & Shredding: An E-recycling and shredding event is held annually in Vestavia Hills. To recycle electronics and appliances throughout the year, contact Advanced Technology Recycling at or 877.781.7779. Batteries may be recycled at Alabama Environmental Council Community Recycling Center or any Batteries Plus retail location (

Alabama Environmental Council Community Recycling Center ( or 205.322.3126) accepts the following: appliances; batteries (rechargeable, automobile & single use); brass; cell phones; cigarette waste; computers; copper; cork; electronics; ink & toner cartridges; plastic #6 (Solo cups only); propane tanks (empty); PUR & Brita water filtration items; small engine items; steel/mixed metals; textiles; Tom’s of Maine packaging; TVs; wood.