Public Safety

Safety as an asset cannot be overstated for the City of Vestavia Hills. Residents and visitors feel a strong sense of security in our communities and business districts, and low crime rate is a factor for many who choose to locate here. Favorable insurance ratings here are a reflection of the high quality of our Fire Department, and residential and commercial property owners can feel confident in the commitment of our Building Safety department to the “Safety” in its title.

The Vestavia Hills Fire Department (VHFD) and Building Safety Department collaborate and share administration to closely align each department’s goals to smooth the way for those who wish to build within our community. VHFD is an all-hazards provider which responds to fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, technical rescues, and calls for public services. The department operates from five stations located throughout the City so that assistance can be rendered quickly by the highly skilled and well-equipped staff. The department is also deeply involved with building safety and maintains a safe community through the plans review process for new construction and remodeling, and by regularly inspecting existing structures.

The City of Vestavia Hills’ Police Department (VHPD) is quickly becoming recognized as one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the region. Members of the department are highly trained professionals, most with Bachelor’s degrees or higher, that focus their proactive efforts on ensuring that Vestavia Hills continues to enjoy a traditionally low crime rate, prompt service, and dedication by its members to all citizens that make Vestavia Hills “A Life Above.” VHPD offers a variety of unique services to the community such as special events, crime prevention, and educational programs, and maintains a close network with elected officials, business leaders, and citizens in an attempt to achieve partnerships that promote transparency and common goals. View recent annual crime statistics.