Extreme Drought Emergency – Ord. 2318 Goes Into Effect November 28

Posted on November 18, 2016 at 10:56 pm

lake purdy pic from huffington postWhat Vestavia Hills Residents Need to Know

The Extreme Drought Emergency declaration has been signed by Mayor Ashley Curry.  Residents are urged to conserve their use of water, and Ordinance 2318 will be enforced by VHPD starting November 28, 2016 until the Birmingham Water Works suspends its emergency declaration or reduces the warning below Stage 3.

“This is a serious situation and that is why we are taking the measures we are taking.  We want to do our part, as are the other communities, in reducing our water consumption so that we don’t run out.  Recently I met with the other mayors, and the Birmingham Water Works impressed upon us that this is the worst drought the BWW has ever experienced and it could be a weather crisis of the same magnitude as events like tornadoes if the public does not pay attention.  This is a crisis, but if we all do our part, we can make it through this.  I know we can count on our citizens to do that,” said Mayor Curry.


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Extreme Drought Emergency Declaration Flier


The City Ordinance 2318 varies from the Birmingham Water Works guidelines, and it is important for those affected to follow the municipal ordinance. An “Extreme Drought Emergency Declaration” flier has been developed to help residents and businesses comply with the more common activities addressed by the ordinance.  For further detail on prohibited and exempted activities, see the Extreme Drought Emergency Declaration Public Notice included in this Public Notice post of our City website (www.vhal.org).

Anyone determined to be in violation of the ordinance is subject to being cited by the VHPD, and violation of the ordinance is a misdemeanor offense. Violations may be reported anonymously through the Vestavia Hills Action Center.

“Our City and surrounding area is in a Stage 4 Drought. The City of Vestavia Hills has enacted their Extreme Drought Emergency ordinance. The Police department serves as the enforcement branch for all City ordinances, and we will actively enforce this ordinance as well. We encourage everyone to do their part,” said Lt. Brian Gilham.

Download the Extreme Drought Emergency Public Notice
Download the Extreme Drought Emergency Declaration Flier
Download the Press Release November 18, 2016



img of Extreme Drought Public Notice

Extreme Drought Emergency Public Notice – click to view full notice