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[dropcap1 color=””]P[/dropcap1]ublic Works is the foundation of any City, in that it is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of the City’s infrastructure. The City of Vestavia Hills Public Works Department is dedicated to serving the citizens in a prompt, timely and efficient manner. Our Public Works Department is also the principal point of contact for all animal control and solid waste activity in the City.

Help Us Help You!

Sometimes it rains a lot in Alabama, and we all know how storm and even tornado prone the area can be.  One of the largest storm related issues we all face is flooding from clogged, debris filled storm drains and storm drain inlets.  The expense to the city and to private property cost the city and you thousands of dollars annually.

Help Us Help You!  First, make sure storm water has a place to go; keep the ditches, inlets and storm drains that serve your property clear of trash, wood and other debris.  Second, while it doesn’t happen often, there’s still is  misuse of our storm drains due to leaf debris, grass clippings or other items being dumped into them.   Please report any illegal dumping immediately by calling Vestavia Hills Police Department, at 823-1153, day or night.

We really appreciate your help.  Remember:  823-1153.

Contact Information

[info]Mailing Address: P.O. Box 660854, Vestavia Hills 35226-0854    Fax: 978-0199[/info]



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