Under Vestavia Hills’ contract with Allied Waste Services, glass is not collected with the recyclables. For those that wish to pursue recycling of glass we suggest that you contact:

Alabama Environmental Council Recycling Center

2431 Second Avenue and 25th Street North
Birmingham, AL 35203 Phone: 205- 322-3126


SP Recycling Company

200 Seventh Street West
Birmingham, AL 35204 Phone: 205-788-3232


Recyclables for all homes in Vestavia Hills will be collected on Wednesdays. Use your green roll out cart for recyclable items. All materials may be co-mingled.

Acceptable materials and preparation is as follows:

  • NEWSPRINT & PAPER – Newsprint, office paper, computer paper, phone books, magazines, envelopes, file folders and junk mail are recyclable. Tissue products, paper towels, paper that has been in contact with food products, wax coated paper and paper cups are not recyclable.
  • METAL CANS – Aluminum and bi-metal cans are recyclable. Rinse thoroughly. It is not necessary to remove labels.
  • PLASTIC – Number 1 through 7 will be accepted in our curbside recycling program. Please, examine all plastic items and look for the recycling symbol (three arrows arranged in a circular pattern). The number will be inside the recycling symbol. If there is not a recycling symbol please do not place it in your recycling cart, but rather in your household garbage. Remove and discard lids, rings and rinse. Containers may be crushed.
  • CARDBOARD- Cardboard container boxes, food containers made of light cardboard materials, and shoeboxes are all recyclable. No wax-coated cardboard is accepted.
  • GLASS – No glass of any kind is accepted.

Be aware that the recycling cart is not the homeowner’s property. The City of Vestavia Hills has acquired these carts through Allied Waste Services for use by Vestavia Hills residents only. If you move from Vestavia, do not take the recycling cart with you

The issued recycling carts are only intended to hold approved recycling items. The standard issue cart (35 gallons) has a maximum capacity of 60 pounds (27.3 kg). Please do not exceed this weight limit.

We ask your cooperation by observing the following guidelines:

Please, do….

  • Close the lid before moving the cart
  • Clean the recycling cart occasionally
  • Place the cart with the front (arrows) facing the street for collection

Please, do not

  • Allow children to play in or around the garbage carts
  • Place the cart on a steep slope
  • Place the cart on an elevated platform
  • Place anything but approved and properly prepared recyclable materials in the recycling cart
  • Exceed the ANSI weight limitation of 60 pounds


Please place the recycling cart curbside prior to 6:30 am on Wednesdays.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Allied Waste Services at 205-923-1650.