Senior Safety

Knox Box: Emergency Entry

When emergency responders are sent to a residence, if the door is locked and no one inside can respond to open the door, they must break the door to gain entry. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of having a door broken, you may have a spare key placed in a Knox box. A Knox box is a key container similar to that used by realtors, but only the Fire department has the key. For more information about getting a Knox box installed at your or a loved one’s property, call the Vestavia Hills Fire Department at 205.978.0225.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are wearable devices with buttons and features to allow a person to call for help when away from a telephone. These systems are through private providers; the City of Vestavia Hills does not offer medical alert systems or endorse any particular brand. A permit is required only when the medical alert system is part of a wired alarm system, in which case an electrical permit is required from the Vestavia Hills Building Safety department (205.978.0125). Inquire of the service provider to determine how calls for help are handled.