How do I file an application for employment with the City of Vestavia Hills?

The City of Vestavia Hills is an equal opportunity employer. Employees are divided into two primary categories: classified and non-classified. Applicants for classified positions (police, fire, EMS services and administrative positions) need to make application through the Personnel Board of Jefferson County . The City is required to hire from the certification listings of the Personnel Board of Jefferson County.

Applications for non-classified positions should be made through the respective city departments. Openings can be determined by contacting each department. Non-classified positions include Public Works, Parks and Recreation maintenance and/or lifeguards, and the Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest.

A solicitor just knocked on my door. What do I do?

The Supreme Court of the United States struck down and ruled solicitation ordinances such as the City’s is unconstitutional. The Court opined that an individual has the right not to answer the door if a solicitor were to call at your residence and the City cannot prohibit them from approaching you.

The City recently enacted an Ordinance to regulate solicitors within the terms of the US Supreme Court. This requires all solicitors who are peddling a product to register with the City and obtain a placard to wear while soliciting. For more information and a listing of current solicitors, please click here.

What is the ad valorem millage rate for real property located within the City of Vestavia Hills and how can the property tax be computed?

Jefferson County is responsible for assessing and collecting ad valorem taxes for real and personal property in the City of Vestavia Hills. Questions regarding tax assessment should be directed to:

Tax Assessor
Courthouse Suite 170
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N
Birmingham, AL 35203 Phone: (205) 325-5505

Tax Collector
Room 160 Courthouse
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N
Birmingham, AL 35203 Phone: (205) 325-5500

Ad valorem taxes are calculated based on the current millage rate. In this example we will use a millage rate of 0.0926 ($92.60 for each $1,000 of the assessed property value). Here is an example of the computation of annual tax on an owner occupied home, located within the corporate limits of Vestavia Hills, using the following, additional assumptions:

  • Fair Market Value of the home: $100,000
  • Current “Assessed Value” equals 10% of Fair Market Value

The Assessed Value: $100,000×0.1=$10,000 therefore Total Tax Due: ($10,000/1000)x92.6=$926

To this amount a Storm Water Fee is added. From this amount, the Homestead Exemption will be deducted, if the homeowner is eligible has applied for the exemption.

You may now pay your ad valorem taxes over the Internet. To learn more about Jefferson County services and to pay your property taxes, visit the County’s Web Site.

I want to open a restaurant in the City of Vestavia Hills. How to I submit application for an alcohol license?

Applications for an alcohol license must be presented to the Vestavia Hills City Council. Application must first be made to the State of Alabama ABC Enforcement Division located at 211 Summit Parkway, Homewood, AL 35209, phone (205) 942-7955. In order to have your petition presented to the City Council, certain background forms must be presented and investigated by the City’s Police Department. Please contact the City Clerk at rleavings@vhal.org to determine the steps to take. Please note, approvals for alcohol licenses may take several weeks, please begin as soon as possible.

The City Council will make the final determination whether to grant or deny an Alcohol License. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for approval.