An online platform to house all Planning and Zoning and City Clerk (annexation/vacation) forms has been developed.  Forms are now submitted online through our public portal. Click the “Apply Online” button to register and submit forms online.


All applications require an owner’s affidavit PRIOR to submission of any petition.  Please obtain the owner’s affidavit, have it executed by the owner in front of a notary.  Please scan it and have it ready to upload along with all necessary drawings, etc., needed for the application.  Please read all directions before submission.

If you wish to apply for annexation, the address must be added to the system prior to submitting application.  Please email the City Clerk at with your address and reason for desiring annexation to the City.  Once reviewed, the City Clerk will add the address to the database.  In order to submit application, the owner must also execute an owners affidavit in front of a notary and upload a copy of the owners affidavit with the application.