Vehicle Tags

**Tag Office Hours: 8:30am-4pm**

The City of Vestavia Hills tag service is available only for residents of the City of Vestavia Hills. Other residents of Jefferson County have the option of renewing auto tags at the Jefferson County Revenue Office located in Hoover (205.497.8976) or the Jefferson County, Bessemer or Centerpoint Courthouses. The City of Vestavia Hills does not renew driver’s licenses or photo IDs.

For Vestavia Hills residents, the following services are available in the Finance Department of City Hall Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4pm:

  • Tag renewals for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and boats
  • New car registration – for vehicles purchased from a dealership in Alabama. Owner must have bill of sale and application for title in addition to the other required documents.
  • Handicap placards

Vestavia Hills residents may renew at City Hall Finance Department or online at . To register a new vehicle online go to .

Below is information about tag renewal service available at the City of Vestavia Hills:

  1. You must be a Resident of the City of Vestavia Hills and Jefferson County, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. You must provide a valid Driver’s License or Alabama Non-Driver’s ID.
  3. You must provide proof of insurance, per vehicle. Digital proof, i.e. documents on your mobile device, are acceptable.
  4. Please provide the following:
    • Current vehicle registration or renewal notification. If you do not have it, we can look it up based on proof of insurance and driver’s license or tag number.
    • Current telephone number and email address
  5. There is a $5.00 annual Local Issuance Fee per Ordinance No. 2485. This fee is per tag being renewed.
  6. The penalty fee for late renewal is $15.00.
  7. Power of Attorney is required in order to renew for a spouse or child. All of the above, including a copy of the spouse’s or child’s driver’s license, are required. To obtain a Power of Attorney form, visit
  8. Renewal notices by email and postcard are available. If you prefer a different notice method or are not sure you received a notice, please call 205.978.0188. You do not have to have your renewal notice in order to renew your tags.

Other FAQs About Tag Renewals at Vestavia Hills

  • Most major credit cards are accepted (except American Express). Checks may be written payable to the City of Vestavia Hills.
  • If you have recently moved to Vestavia Hills, you will need to bring proof of residence such as a utility bill/use agreement. New residents from other states must register their car with the County but may renew at City Hall the following year.
  • If you renew your tag or register your vehicle with the City of Vestavia Hills you must return to the City of Vestavia Hills to obtain a refund or credit voucher in the event the vehicle is sold or otherwise disposed.
  • For more information about transferring tags, please visit Jefferson County Revenue Department.
  • Jefferson County will not continue to send reminder cards for renewals once you have renewed at Vestavia Hills Motor Vehicle Department.
  • If you are a Vestavia Hills resident, you can renew at City Hall if your tag is already expired or you have lost your renewal card. Be sure to bring your vehicle registration.
  • Standard tags according to what you had previously are what will be issued at City Hall. You may order personalized tags at City Hall. You will receive your sticker at City Hall and your new personalized tag in the mail.