Fire Prevention

Preventive Services

The City of Vestavia Hills Fire Department provides the following preventive services:

  • Fire Safety Education
    • Presentations at schools; monthly fire drills at schools
    • Group tours at the fire stations
    • Fire Safety Day
  • Review of plans for commercial projects

Key Boxes

A key box allows VHFD access to a business for after-hours responses. A residential key box allows VHFD access should the occupant be unable to open the door. Following are links to recommended commercial/residential key boxes:


Fire Safety Tips

The following Fire Safety Tips are shared as a part of the VHFD Fire Prevention Education Program:

  • If a fire starts in your home, get out fast. Prepare for a fire emergency by gathering your family together and forming a fire escape plan. Make sure everyone knows at least two unobstructed ways out – doors and windows – of every room in your home. Decide on a meeting place outside where everyone will meet. This helps firefighters confirm that everyone is out safely. Have everyone practice your fire escape plan at least twice a year.
  • During a fire, smoke and poisonous gases rise with the heat. The air near the floor is cleaner and cooler. If you encounter smoke while you are escaping from a fire, use an alternate escape route.
  • Never leave cooking unattended. Keep your cooking area free of combustibles and take care to wear clothes with short, rolled-up or tight fitting sleeves when you cook. If grease catches on fire in a pan, slide a lid over the pan to smother the flames and turn off the heat. Never attempt to throw water on this fire. This will only spread the fire, and could possibly splash back on you. If you have a fire don’t hesitate to call the Fire Department, even if you think it’s out.
  • Run cool water or a burn for 10 to 15 minutes. Never put butter or grease on a burn. If the burned skin blisters or is charred, see a doctor immediately.
  • If your clothes catch fire, don’t run. Stop where you are, Drop to the ground, cover your face with your hands, and roll over and over to smother the flames.
  • Teach your children that matches and lighters are tool, not toys and should only be used by an adult. Store matches and lighters up high where small children see or reach them.
  • Don’t overload extension cords or run them under rugs. Discard any extension cord that is frayed or cracked. If an electrical appliance smokes or has an unusual odor, unplug it immediately, then have it serviced before using it again. Never tamper with your fuse box or use improper-size fuses. Take care when using appliances near water.
  • When using a space heater, remember to keep it at least three feet from anything that will burn. Keep children and pets away from heaters, and never leave space heaters on when you leave home or go to bed.
  • A portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire department arrives; but portable extinguishers have limitations. Because fire grows and spreads so rapidly, the number one priority for residents is to get out safely.