Business Services

The Vestavia Hills Police Department strives to serve as well as maintain a safe community for our local businesses to thrive and prosper. This page is an overview of some of the services our Department consistently provides to businesses in addition to general patrols and investigations. We are continually reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure we are adequately addressing the concerns of the City’s commercial base. Please check back from time to time for new programs and initiatives. If you have a comment or suggestion for a program you would like to have us offer, contact Lt. Brian Gilham at 205.978.0194 or

Business Shield

This program’s purpose is to gather information to assist VHPD in the event of an emergency at your business. A form has been attached below to collect this information. If you provide the requested information, VHPD will be better prepared to serve your business, particularly if an emergency arises after store hours. We encourage business owners to submit the Business Emergency Contact Information Form by filling out the information below and clicking on the submit tab. If you have any questions, contact Lt. Brian Gilham at 205.978.0194 or

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Business Shield Registration

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Worthless Checks

Assistance in collection of worthless checks (non-sufficient funds/NSF) rendered within the City limits of Vestavia Hills can be obtained through the Vestavia Hills Municipal Court. In most cases a Police report is not necessary for checks returned NSF. Instructions for obtaining a warrant for worthless checks are below. Attached are documents necessary to notify the maker as well as pursue a warrant for the maker’s arrest pursuant to Alabama Law. If you have any questions, contact the Court at 205.978.0121.

Instructions for Obtaining a Warrant for Worthless Checks

The following applies to checks presented in person, within the city limits of Vestavia Hills stamped “Non-sufficient Funds.” Warrants cannot be issued on checks over one year old. If at all possible, obtain a driver’s license number for all checks.

Print and fill out the blanks on the Notice to Maker form. You may add a service charge of $30. Keep a copy of the letter and send the original by certified mail to the person who signed the check at the address on the check. Keep the dated receipt/unclaimed letter upon it’s return from the Post Office. Wait 10 business days.

If the check writer does not render payment for the NSF check plus service charge within 10 business days, bring the following to the Vestavia Hills Magistrates Office:

  • The original worthless check
  • Copy of the letter sent to maker
  • Certified mail receipt or unclaimed letter
  • Print and complete Data Cover Sheet below for each check

***Do NOT accept any money from the check writer after a warrant is issued.*****