Public Works

The Public Works operations of the City of Vestavia Hills Public Services department is responsible for maintenance and repair of the City’s infrastructure including roads and sidewalks, storm drains, and public grounds and facilities. The City’s Engineering staff coordinates with various agencies and property owners to plan and construct City projects. They also review land disturbing permit applications and respond to drainage inspection requests.

The City’s waste collection service is contracted to an external vendor, with the City’s Public Services department as the principal point of contact for requests and resolution of any issues. To make a waste collection request or complaint, call 205.978.0150 or submit via the Vestavia Hills Action Center.

Contact Us

Vestavia Hills Public Service Department
1032 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
P.O. Box 660854, Vestavia Hills, AL 35266-0854
205.978.0150  |  Fax 205.978.0199

Public Services Director
Brian Davis
205.978.0150  |

City Engineer/Deputy Director
Christopher Brady
205.978.0198  |

Administrative Clerk
Jennifer Swann
205.978.0150  |

Animal Control

  • Animal Control is managed by the Vestavia Hills Police Department. For more information, visit VHPD Animal Control or call 205.978.0113.
  • To report barking dogs/animals at large after 5pm and weekends, call VHPD at 205.978.0140.
  • Animals picked up by Animal Control are taken to Vestavia Animal Clinic (1471 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216; 205.823.7485).

Carcass Removal

  • For animal carcasses on private property, place the bagged carcass to the curb and call 205.978.0150 for pick-up.
  • For animal carcasses on the road, call 205.978.0150 or use the Vestavia Hills Action Center to report.


Recycling for all single-family homes in Vestavia Hills is collected weekly on Wednesdays. Recycle bins should be placed for pickup on Wednesdays only … do NOT place recycle bins for pickup on the same day as your household trash service. PLEASE NOTE: Do not be alarmed if the “regular” garbage truck empties your recycle bin on Wednesdays. Our service provider does not have “recycle only” trucks; they utilize the same trucks to run all weekly routes. Garbage carts and recycle carts should NOT be out on the same days unless you want them picked up together. If recycle carts are out on a day other than Wednesday, the operator will assume it contains household trash and it will be picked up as such. If you have questions or need additional information, contact or call 205.978.0150.

Be sure accepted items are EMPTY, CLEAN & DRY before placing them in your green recycle cart for curbside pickup.


PAPER – cardboard boxes; computer & office paper; corrugated boxes; envelopes; file folders; junk mail; magazines & catalogs; newspaper & inserts; and shoe boxes. METAL – aluminum cans; steel cans; and tin cans. Rinse thoroughly. It is not necessary to remove labels. PLASTIC – Numbers 1 and 2 only. Be sure one of these numbers appears with the recycling symbol on the bottom of your item. If there is not a recycling symbol, do not place it in your recycling cart, but rather in your household garbage. Rinse thoroughly. Examples of Number 1 Plastics: mouthwash bottles; plastic jars; soft drink bottles; and water bottles. Examples of Number 2 Plastics: cleaning supply bottles; laundry detergent containers; milk jugs; and shampoo bottles.

Not Accepted*

Appliances; batteries; cables or cords; clothing & other textiles; electronics; food soiled paper; food waste; garden hoses; glass; household garbage; HVAC filters; ink & toner cartridges; light bulbs; paper – wax coated; paper cups; phone books; photo paper; plastic bags; plastics #3-7; plastics – bulky items (coolers, toys, etc.); ratchet straps; rope & string; rubber balls; scrap metal; styrofoam; used napkins, paper towels, tissue; vacuum hoses; vacuum cleaners; wire hangers; yard waste.

*Be sure to check this site frequently, as the list of accepted/not accepted materials varies depending on market demand for that particular item.

Need A New Or Replacement Cart?

Request additional or replacement carts at Vestavia Hills Action Center or call Public Works at 205.978.0150.

Recycling carts are only intended to hold approved recycling items. The standard issue cart (35 gallons) has a maximum capacity of 60 pounds (27.3 kg). Please do not exceed this weight limit.

Please Do

  • Close the lid before moving the cart
  • Clean the recycling cart occasionally
  • Place the cart with the front (arrows) facing the street for collection

Please Do Not

  • Allow children to play in or around the garbage carts
  • Place the cart on a steep slope
  • Place the cart on an elevated platform
  • Place anything but approved and properly prepared recyclable materials in the recycling cart
  • Exceed the ANSI weight limitation of 60 pounds

Options To City Recycling Program

Birmingham Recycling & Recovery (BRR) is the City’s provider for residential recycling services. While BRR attempts to recycle as much as possible, they are not able to process all materials. If you are in need of other options for recycling a particular product, please consider contacting one of the providers listed below.

E-Recycling & Shredding: An E-recycling and shredding event is held annually in Vestavia Hills. To recycle electronics and appliances throughout the year, contact Advanced Technology Recycling at or 877.781.7779. Batteries may be recycled at Alabama Environmental Council Community Recycling Center or any Batteries Plus retail location (

Waste Collection Guidelines

The City of Vestavia Hills provides curbside garbage and trash collection services for its residents. If you have a garbage or trash related request, we encourage you to submit it through the Vestavia Hills Action Center (also available as a mobile app). You are also welcome to contact our Public Services Department at 205.978.0150 or

  • Regular collection for residents are as follows: 2 waste collection days and recycling pick-up Wednesday. There is no designated “trash” day. Please report trash piles by placing a request in the Action Center or by calling 205.978.0150, and collection should take place within 7-10 business days.
  • Landscaping and construction debris must be removed by the contractor performing the service. Please advise the contractor of this responsibility when arranging for service. Leaves, clippings, and other small debris must NOT be blown into the storm sewer; they must be bagged for pickup. For construction and remodeling projects generating significant debris, please inquire about a roll-off dumpster (POD).
  • Reporting of large (“boom”) piles is not required but is helpful to facilitate timely pick-up.
  • Action Center requests go automatically to the assigned staff. Use specific requests, e.g. “Trash and Debris New and Special Pick-Up”, rather than “Ask a Question” to ensure your request routes directly to the right staff. Here are available Action Center request types for waste collection:
    • Additional or Replacement Garbage or Recycling Cart
    • Garbage Missed
    • Recycling Missed
    • Trash and Debris New or Special Pick-Up Request (includes missed option)
    • Garbage Complaints and Kudos (all garbage/recycling/trash issues)
    • Garbage and Trash – Start Service
    • Back Door Garbage Service (inquiry)
  • If your request is not picked up within the allowed time for the service (Action Center users receive a confirmation email), please call the City at 205.978.0100 to alert staff that your Action Center reported items were not collected. (Please include that info in your message.)
  • Please place your items for collection only in appropriate locations. Do not place debris piles on the street or allow parts to overflow onto the street. For more information about placing your debris pile, see this Placing Collection Items flier.
  • Leaves and small debris must be containerized for pick-up through City services, i.e. the City of Vestavia Hills does not provide vacuum service.
  • Please contact the City (either through the Action Center or by calling) to make your requests and complaints rather than contacting the waste contractor directly. This ensures you receive the right information and helps us to hold the waste contractor accountable. Thank you!

For more information about garbage, leaf and trash collection, please refer to the waste collection guidelines.

Roads & Sidewalks

Maintenance of rights-of-way in Vestavia Hills is often a matter of coordination with multiple agencies. Within our City limits are public and private roads, County roads, and State and U.S. highways. Many road maintenance requests may be made through the Vestavia Hills Action Center. You may also call 205.978.0150 to report maintenance needs.


The City has over 12 miles of sidewalks with more being added in a continuous effort to make Vestavia Hills a walkable community. Click to access the Vestavia Hills Master Sidewalk Plan. You may also email with questions about the sidewalk plan. To report sidewalk maintenance issues, please use the Vestavia Hills Action Center or call 205.978.0150.

Paving Schedule

The City’s road paving needs are evaluated annually. Find the current Residential Paving Program on the Projects page of this website.


Please report potholes through the Vestavia Hills Action Center or by calling 205.978.0150.

Storm Drains

One of the largest storm-related issues we all face is flooding from clogged, debris filled storm drains and storm drain inlets. The expenses of cleaning out clogged storm drains and repairing damaged property cost the City and you thousands of dollars annually.

Help Us Help You! First, make sure storm water has a place to go; keep the ditches, inlets and storm drains that serve your property clear of trash, wood and other debris. Second, while it doesn’t happen often, there’s still is misuse of our storm drains due to leaf debris, grass clippings or other items being dumped or blown into them. Please report any illegal dumping immediately – while the dumping/blowing is taking place – by calling Vestavia Hills Police Department, at 205.978.0140, day or night. We really appreciate your help.

Report illegal dumping / blowing into storm drains: 205.978.0140


Vestavia Hills has been a Tree City USA municipality since 1991, and we are proud of our beautiful landscape of trees. Trees provide many benefits to the community and environment, but they also require responsibility. If you do not find the tree information you need below, contact

To view the Alabama Power Company guidelines for selection and placement of trees near power company equipment, review this link:  Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

Dead/Sick Trees in Right-of-Way

Public Services generally does not remove healthy trees from the right-of-way. If you see a dead or sick tree in right-of-way, call 205.978.0150 or report through the Vestavia Hills Action Center.

Neighbor’s Trees

Concerns regarding a neighbor’s tree is a civil issue between private parties; the City does not become involved. If you are unable to resolve a tree dispute, you may wish to seek legal advice.

Tree Work by Contractors

Contractors are responsible to remove trees and tree trimmings. Ensure your contractor is aware of this responsibility and also that the contractor has a Vestavia Hills Business License prior to doing work

Limbs and Tree Trimmings

Residents who cut and prune trees should ensure the pieces are cut appropriately and piled separately from other trash for collection. See Waste Collection Guidelines.

Health of Your Tree

The Jefferson County Extension Service has resources to assist you for questions regarding the health of your tree. Visit for more information.

Public Works FAQs

You can find the answers to many frequently asked questions in the Vestavia Hills Action Center. Go to the “Find Information” tab, and search the Public Services category to view FAQs.