Animal Control & Carcass Removal

Animal Control

  • Animal Control is managed by the Vestavia Hills Police Department. For more information, visit VHPD Animal Control or call 205.978.0113.
  • To report barking dogs/animals at large after 5pm and weekends, call VHPD at 205.978.0140.
  • Animals picked up by Animal Control are taken to Vestavia Animal Clinic (1471 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216; 205.823.7485).

Carcass Removal

  • For animal carcasses on private property, place the bagged carcass to the curb and call 205.978.0150 for pick-up.
  • For animal carcasses on the road, call 205.978.0150 or use the Vestavia Hills Action Center to report.