Waste Collection & Recycling

Waste Collection

The City’s curbside garbage and trash collection services are provided for residents by an external vendor, with the City’s Public Services department as the principal point of contact for requests and resolution of any issues. To make a waste collection request or complaint, submit via the Vestavia Hills Action Center, email Jennifer Swann in Public Services at jswann@vhal.org or call 205.978.0150.

  • Regular collection for residents are as follows: 2 waste collection days and recycling pick-up Wednesday.
  • Landscaping and construction debris must be removed by the contractor performing the service. Please advise the contractor of this responsibility when arranging for service. Leaves, clippings and other small debris must NOT be blown into the storm sewer; they must be bagged for pickup. For construction and remodeling projects generating significant debris, please inquire about a roll-off dumpster.
  • There is not a designated bulk trash pickup day. Please request pickup of large/bulk trash via the Action Center or by calling 205.978.0150. Collection should occur within 7-10 business days. If it is not picked up within the allowed time for the service (Action Center users receive a confirmation email), please call Public Works at 205.978.0150 to alert staff that your Action Center reported items were not collected. Be sure to include the confirmation number you received in your Action Center confirmation email.
  • Action Center requests automatically route to the assigned staff. Use specific requests, e.g. “Trash and Debris New and Special Pick-Up,” rather than “Ask a Question” to ensure your request routes directly to the proper staff. Here are available Action Center request types for waste collection:
    • Additional or Replacement Garbage or Recycling Cart
    • Garbage Missed
    • Recycling Missed
    • Trash and Debris New or Special Pick-Up Request (includes missed option)
    • Garbage Complaints and Kudos (all garbage/recycling/trash issues)
    • Garbage and Trash – Start Service
    • Back Door Garbage Service (inquiry)
  • Please place your items for collection only in appropriate locations. Do not place debris piles on the street or allow parts to overflow onto the street. For more information about placing your debris pile, see this Placing Collection Items flier.
  • Leaves and small debris must be containerized for pick-up through City services, i.e. the City of Vestavia Hills does not provide vacuum service.
  • Please contact the City (either through the Action Center or by calling) to make your requests and complaints rather than contacting the waste contractor directly. This ensures you receive the right information and helps us to hold the waste contractor accountable. Thank you!

An updated Waste Collection Guidelines document is being updated and will be posted soon.


Did you know …

A 10% increase in Alabama’s recycling rate could provide an additional:
– $3,000,000 in state tax revenue;
– $66,000,000 in personal income; and
– 1,400 new jobs

Recycling for all single-family homes in Vestavia Hills is collected weekly on Wednesdays ONLY. Garbage carts and recycle carts should NOT be out on the same days unless you want them picked up together. If recycle carts are out on a day other than Wednesday, the operator will assume it contains household trash and it will be picked up as such. Please do not be alarmed if the “regular” garbage truck empties your recycle bin on Wednesdays. Our service provider does not have “recycle only” trucks; they utilize the same trucks to run all weekly routes. If you have questions or need additional information, contact jswann@vhal.org or call 205.978.0150.

Be sure accepted items are EMPTY, CLEAN & DRY before placing them in your green recycle cart for curbside pickup. Wet or otherwise soiled items will result in the entire load of recycling being discarded once it reaches Birmingham Recycling & Recovery (BRR).

Not Accepted: Appliances; batteries; cables or cords; clothing & other textiles; electronics; food soiled paper; food waste; garden hoses; glass; household garbage; HVAC filters; ink & toner cartridges; light bulbs; wax coated paper; paper cups; phone books; photo paper; plastic bags; plastics #3-7; bulky plastics (coolers, toys, etc.); ratchet straps; rope & string; rubber balls; scrap metal; styrofoam; used napkins, paper towels or tissues; vacuum hoses; vacuum cleaners; wire hangers; yard waste.

Need A New/Replacement/Additional Cart?

Request additional or replacement carts at Vestavia Hills Action Center or call Public Works at 205.978.0150.

Please Do:

  • Be sure items are EMPTY, CLEAN & DRY
  • To further reduce contamination, place ALL recycling items inside the cart and close the lid. Only items INSIDE the cart will be picked up. Items out side of the cart, i.e. broken down boxes, etc., will NOT be picked up.
  • Clean the recycling cart occasionally
  • Place the cart with the front (arrows) facing the street for collection

Please Do Not:

  • Place the cart on a steep slope
  • Place the cart on an elevated platform
  • Place anything but approved and properly prepared recyclable materials in the recycling cart
  • Exceed the cart weight limitation of 60 pounds

Options To City Recycling Program

While BRR attempts to recycle as much as possible, they are not able to process all materials. If you are in need of other options for recycling a particular product, please consider contacting one of the following providers:

Electronics & Appliance Recycling: Advanced Technology Recycling at www.ATRecycle.com or 877.781.7779
Batteries: Alabama Environmental Council Community Recycling Center or any Batteries Plus retail location (www.batteriesplus.com)