LWCF Conversion Public Comment Period

Posted on December 1, 2016 at 10:29 pm

Public Notice for 30 Day Comment Period

cover page EANotice of a 30 day public comment period beginning December 1 and ending 5pm December 30, 2016 for an Environmental Assessment (see below) pursuant to the proposed conversion of 2.52 acres of Wald Park in Vestavia Hills, AL and replacement with 77+/- acres of recreational area to be developed at the former Altadena Valley Country Club (AVCC) site in Vestavia Hills, AL. Wald Park has 22.82 acres that are presently within the Section 6f protected boundary for outdoor recreational area under the Land and Water Conservation program of the National Park Service. The City finds it in the best public interest to remove two small parcels from the Section 6f boundary to allow for school expansion and for economic development purposes. This action requires a process called conversion in which the removed property is replaced with another property of equal value to be dedicated for outdoor recreational use and placement within a new Section 6f boundary. The proposed replacement is the park to be developed at the former AVCC. The Environmental Assessment as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is available for review on the City’s website at http://vhal.org/public-notices-news-and-events/, and a printed copy for review is available in the City Manager’s office at Vestavia Hills City Hall. A National Park Service decision is required on all proposals to convert park land protected under Section 6f of the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Act.

PUBLIC COMMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED IF RECEIVED BY 5PM on Friday, December 30, 2016. Comments must be written (email is acceptable) and include your name and address; anonymous comments will not be considered. A public comment form is available in the City Manager’s office, but use of the form is not required. Send comments to City of Vestavia Hills, ATTN: City Manager’s Office – Public Comment, Vestavia Hills City Hall, 1032 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216 or administration@vhal.org.


Environmental Assessment for Public Review and Comment

The following Environmental Assessment (EA) is for public review and comment.  Any updates made to the EA document will be listed HERE as well as on a page reserved for that purpose immediately after the cover page (see page 3 of the document).  Updates to the Appendix items will be listed on the update page of the EA and to the side of the appropriate link listed below.  Due to the size of the supporting documents, the appendix items are posted as separate files.  Please contact Melissa Hipp at 205-978-0152 or administration@vhal.org if you need assistance accessing the documents.

Environmental Assessment 
Appendix A:  Environmental Screening Form for the project, with separate ESF Checklists for Wald Park and Altadena Valley Country Club
Appendix B:  Maps and Drawings
Freddy’s Site Plan
AVCC Conceptual Drawing
Survey Map of AVCC (Note:  this is NOT the proposed Section 6f boundary)
Appendix C:  Property Documents
Appendix D:  Technical Documents/ Study Findings
Appendix E:  Letters of Concurrence
Appendix F:  LWCF Project Amendment Application
Appendix G:  Public Involvement