Roads & Sidewalks

Maintenance of rights-of-way in Vestavia Hills is often a matter of coordination with multiple agencies. Within our City limits are public and private roads, County roads, and State and U.S. highways. Many road maintenance requests may be made through Vestavia Hills Connect. You may also call 205.978.0150 to report maintenance needs.


The City has over 12 miles of sidewalks with more being added in a continuous effort to make Vestavia Hills a walkable community. Click to access the Vestavia Hills Master Sidewalk Plan. You may also email with questions about the sidewalk plan. To report sidewalk maintenance issues, please use Vestavia Hills Connect or call 205.978.0150.

Paving Schedule

The City’s road paving needs are evaluated annually. Find the current Residential Paving Program on the Projects page of this website.


Please report potholes through Vestavia Hills Connect or by calling 205.978.0150.

Storm Drains

One of the largest storm-related issues we all face is flooding from clogged, debris filled storm drains and storm drain inlets. The expenses of cleaning out clogged storm drains and repairing damaged property cost the City and you thousands of dollars annually.

Help Us Help You! First, make sure storm water has a place to go; keep the ditches, inlets and storm drains that serve your property clear of trash, wood and other debris. Second, while it doesn’t happen often, there’s still is misuse of our storm drains due to leaf debris, grass clippings or other items being dumped or blown into them. Please report any illegal dumping immediately – while the dumping/blowing is taking place – by calling Vestavia Hills Police Department, at 205.978.0140, day or night. We really appreciate your help.

Report illegal dumping / blowing into storm drains: 205.978.0140