Senior Transportation

The City offers a volunteer Senior Transportation program which is coordinated through Parks and Recreation. The program is available on a first-come, first-served basis to seniors living independently in the City. For a nominal fee, rides are provided to area medical offices and to businesses within the City. For more information, call 205.978.0166.

How the Program Works

Riders complete an application to be added to the rider list. Once on the list, the rider may call for an appointment. The Parks and Recreation staff will advise whether or not the time is available. Once an appointment is made, the Senior Transportation car will come to the rider’s home for pick up and then drop the rider off at the location. When the rider is ready to return home, he or she calls the driver. To utilize the service, riders should be able to enter and exit a car without assistance.


Our Senior Transportation program has been in operation for 25+ years, and many of our volunteers have served well over a decade. We are very excited to welcome new volunteers who enable us to continue this wonderful service for our senior residents. Volunteers typically drive one day each month. To volunteer, please call 205.‭978.0163 or email