Back Door Garbage Collection

Residents may request back door service to have garbage collected from a location near your home, generally near the “back door” of your residence. The collection days are the same as the regular curbside service for your location. NOTE: Back door service may or may not be collected by a smaller vehicle; it may be collected by a full-sized garbage truck that will drive into your driveway to make the collection. To begin back door service, residents may submit a request using Vestavia Hills Connect or contact Public Services at or 205.978.0150. Residents who wish to have the service as a convenience may pay a monthly fee. For those with a certified medical need, the service is provided at no charge. A letter from the resident’s physician is required to verify medical need. Letters should be faxed to 205.978.0199 and must include the resident’s name, address and a statement that the service is needed for medical reasons.