City Projects

Road Paving/Road Projects

Periodic delays should be anticipated in all project areas – please drive with caution. If you have any questions or concerns, contact City of Vestavia Hills Department of Public Services at 205.978.0150.
  • Southwood/Sunset area– As of February 25, work on Longview Drive and Trousdale Street are nearing completion. Work is anticipated to begin soon on Monterey Place and Sheridan Lane.
  • Montreat Condominium Area – Paving activities began February 7, 2019 within the Montreat area. Due to continued wet weather, completion is anticipated first week of March.
  • Overton Road at Liberty Parkway – Roadway construction began the last week of September 2018 and is anticipated to be ongoing through early spring 2019. The work consists of widening this section of Overton Road to accommodate a continuous 4-lane roadway from Liberty Parkway to the I-459 Access Road. Click here for project map. For information regarding the road dedication, including a map of the dedicated roads and other FAQ’s, click Liberty Park road dedication.
  • Massey Road – Redesign efforts are fully underway and awaiting ALDOT concurrences to formalize all approvals to move toward a construction start date. This is an ALDOT-funded project – they control timeframe, awarding contract, etc. The City of Vestavia Hills is responsible for providing design services (through our consultant) and the design drawings to meet all ALDOT requirements. In late May 2018, the Council approved a supplemental agreement to our design consultant to change the design to meet ALDOT’s most recent set of comments. The plans are being revised to accommodate a wider roadway than originally proposed. This will require shifting of the retaining wall, which will also require a taller wall, and thus redesign of this wall. The geotechnical engineer has finalized the preliminary report for this new wall design, and as of September 14, 2018, has addressed preliminary comments received back from ALDOT. Once the retaining wall design is finalized, the roadway plans can be resubmitted to ALDOT for review and comment. Following their review, ALDOT will advise the City of the potential construction letting date. In the interim, the City recently completed several pothole repairs.
  • Shades Crest Road– Paving of Shades Crest Road is anticipated beginning summer/early fall 2019. Spire’s work on the gas main replacement along Shades Crest Road is still in progress. Due to the amount of rock discovered during excavation, along with continued wet weather, Spire anticipates the project extending into summer 2019. This is a Jefferson County through road and, as such, final scheduling is dependent upon the Jefferson County paving schedule. The City will continue to push for completion of the road paving immediately upon completion of the Spire project. In the interim, Jefferson County recently completed several pothole repairs. Spire project information & Spire project map
  • Cahaba River Road – Jefferson County is moving forward with roadway resurfacing anticipated in spring 2019.
  • Dolly Ridge Road – The paving contractor is scheduled to begin deep patch work on Dolly Ridge between Highway 280 and Cahaba River Road at the beginning of March 2019.
  • Pine Crest Drive; Canyon Creek Lane; Indian Hill Road; Post Oak Road & Highfield Drive – Roadway paving activities began March 7, 2019 along Pine Crest Drive. We anticipate work will progress to Canyon Creek Lane, Indian Hill Road, Post Oak Road and Highfield Drive within the next two weeks. Motorists and homeowners should anticipate delays within this project area.
  • 2018 Paving List & 2018 3-Year Paving Schedule – The 2018 Paving Schedule is a potential 3-year plan for paving poorly rated roads. Roads highlighted in red are potentially the first to be paved; then orange; then yellow. Roads highlighted in pink will be paved in conjunction with Spire upon completion of their gas pipeline improvement project.

Emergency Road Closures

CLOSED: None. All Vestavia Hills roads are open.

Be sure to follow Vestavia Hills Police and Fire on social media for up-to-the-minute, accurate information:
VHFD – Facebook: @VestaviaHillsFire
VHPD – Facebook: @VestaviaHillsPolice; Twitter: @VHPD1032

Report emergencies by calling 911. Non-emergencies can be reported by calling VHPD at 205.823.1153. Downed trees, downed power lines or other hazardous road conditions can be reported via the Action Center app or by visiting Your report will be immediately routed to the appropriate first responder.

Report a power outage by calling Alabama Power at 800.888.2726.

Sidewalk Projects

Construction Projects

  • U.S. 31 Pedestrian Bridge – ALDOT approval anticipated 2019 Conceptual design and Location map
  • Liberty Park Pedestrian Tunnel – projected bid 2018
  • Altadena Valley Western Entrance – design complete, awaiting decision of Council
  • Various public storm water management projects – projected to begin 2018

Planning Projects

  • Dolly Ridge Road & Rocky Ridge Road (Jeff Co) – currently signalized; review signal operations and potential turn lane additions
  • Sicard Hollow Road & Blue Lake Drive (Jeff Co/Bham) – not currently signalized; review for safety, operational and sight line improvements
  • Shades Crest/Rocky Ridge Road/U.S. Highway 280 (Jeff Co/ALDOT) – currently signalized and coordinated with U.S. 280 system; capacity analysis
  • Highway 31 & Shades Crest Road (ALDOT/Jeff Co) – currently signalized; review signal operations and potential turn lane additions
  • Highway 31 & Columbiana Road (ALDOT/Jeff Co) – currently signalized; review signal operations and operational improvements
  • Highway 31/Old Creek Trail/Leona Way (ALDOT) – currently signalized; review signal operations, operational improvements with access management
  • Columbiana Road & Shades Crest/Vestaview (Jeff Co) – currently signalized; pedestrian access
  • Highway 31/City Hall/Sprouts (ALDOT/Jeff Co) – currently signalized; pedestrian access
  • Highway 31/Pizitz Drive (ALDOT/Jeff Co) – currently signalized; pedestrian access
  • River Run Drive & River Run Trail (Jeff Co/Bham) – not signalized; analysis for need to add 3‐way stop or other means of traffic control
  • Jacobs Road & Massey Road (City of Vestavia Hills)– not signalized; review safety and sight line improvements, right‐of‐way constraints
  • Acton Road APPLE Grant (Feasibility Study) – in design phase
  • Wald Park Master Plan – awaiting Community Spaces Plan approval by Council
  • Crosshaven APPLE grant – for more information, visit Crosshaven Drive Corridor Study
  • East Street Analysis and Planning – for more information, visit East Street Data Collection Summary

Infrastructure & Community Spaces Plan

A Comprehensive Plan

The Infrastructure & Community Spaces Plan is a comprehensive proposal for improvements to a broad range of activities throughout the City of Vestavia Hills. This plan was initially based on the strategic drivers established in the 2015 Recreation and Athletics Master Plan:

  • Reposition quality of life assets to reflect the Vestavia Hills brand and effectively recruit and retain families
  • Elevate the quality of existing facilities to comprehensively serve the recreational interests of all members of the community regardless of age
  • Increase the capacity of City athletic facilities to ensure that Vestavia Hills youth sports programs deliver a high impact and consistent experience that result in the athletic and personal development of all participants

The plan has since been expanded to include not only recreational facilities, but also community infrastructure improvements.

Plan Components

During a series of public meetings, stakeholders were encouraged to complete surveys for each of the proposed Infrastructure & Community Spaces Plan components. Upon completion of stakeholder meetings, along with input from various City staff and boards, TCU presented their suggestions during the January 18-19, 2018 Council work session. Specifics for each area of improvement can be accessed at TCU Community Spaces Plan. Citizens and stakeholders are encouraged to comment on the plan components by clicking on “Community Spaces Plan questions and comments” at Following is a summary of the major plan components and the estimated cost for each:

Road Capacity & Sidewalk Improvement Project: $4,611,000

  • Crosshaven Drive

Sidewalk Installation: $2,500,000

  • East Street; Cahaba Heights Road, Commercial Area Connectivity; and Rocky Ridge Road, Commercial Area Connectivity

Road Paving: $2,200,000

  • 20 miles of poorly rated streets

Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements: $550,000

Refinance Gold’s Gym Property: $8,900,000

Community Spaces Plan Implementation:

  • Wald Park $15,429,766
  • Cahaba Heights $7,398,815
  • Community Building $15,270,390
  • New Merkel House $500,000


Activity Updates

  • March 12, 2019: City Manager Jeff Downes presented an update on the Infrastructure & Community Spaces Plan at the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Click HERE to view the presentation.
  • February 4, 2019: The Wald Park, Cahaba Heights Athletic Fields and Community Building projects have moved into the Design Development stage. Design drawings/renderings for these projects were presented during the City Council Work Session by representatives from Williams Blackstock Architects. Click HERE to view/download the full presentation.
  • October 15, 2018: Design considerations for the Cahaba Heights Athletic Fields and the Community Building were presented and discussed during the City Council work session.
  • September 24, 2018: Ordinance Number 2801 – an Ordinance accepting a bid for the Wald Park Initial Site Package – was approved by unanimous vote of the City Council. Site work at Wald Park will commence this week.
  • September 17, 2018: Design considerations for Wald Park were presented and discussed during the City Council work session.
  • August 20, 2018: TCU CSP Projects Report – July 2018 presented during City Council work session
  • May 14, 2018: The corporate office of Gold’s Gym initiated conversations to reach an agreement for the early termination of the lease contract on property located at 1090 Montgomery Highway, effective June 30, 2018, with a termination payment to the City of Vestavia Hills in the amount of $510,000. The Mayor and City Council approved Resolution 5051, authorizing the City Manager to execute and deliver this full and final settlement agreement, release and lease termination for the Gold’s Gym property. As a part of the Community Spaces Plan, Gold’s Gym will become the new Community Building and will have nearly 90,000-sf of space for people of all ages to utilize for senior programming, arts & crafts, dances, basketball games, etc. This Community Building is just a small part of the overall plan to renovate and replace aging infrastructure and facilities city-wide.
  • April 16, 2018: The City of Vestavia Hills has been awarded a grant from ALDOT (TAP 2018) for $280,000. The grant’s purpose is to construct a sidewalk/trail connection from Gold’s Gym to Wald Park. For additional details of the grant application, along with Governor Ivey’s award letter, visit TAP Grant – Sidewalk Connector. This grant furthers efforts to fully integrate City facilities along Highway 31.
  • April 9, 2018: The City Council voted to approve 1% sales tax and 3% lodging tax increases. To access meeting minutes or to view the archived meeting video, visit Current Agendas & Agenda Packet.
  • April 3, 2018: Town Hall Meeting Presentation
  • January 18, 2018: TCU CSP Plan
  • June 12, 2017: City Council approved Resolution 4951 authorizing the Mayor and City Manager to execute and deliver a contract for the implementation stage of the Community Spaces Plan for a program manager (TCU).

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