Strategic Plan

What is a Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Plan is the product of many months of diligent work by City Council and City staff. It provides a benchmark to measure key community outcomes and serves as the guide to provide direction for City staff to develop the annual budget – a results-driven document that focuses on the City’s seven primary goals as developed through the annual strategic planning process.

To browse the departments, agencies and projects that support our City and this year’s Strategic Plan, click HERE to view the City of Vestavia Hills Online Budget Book.

Strategic Plan Priorities:

1. Improve City aesthetics for economic sustainability and community perceptions
2. Improve City infrastructure as a foundational element for residents
3. Continue improvements to community quality of life amenities
4. Provide a more efficient and effective provision of City services
5. Continue to prioritize a safe community experience
6. Continue to act as good stewards of taxpayer resources for long-term viability of City services
7. Provide consistent exceptional customer service

Plan of Action:

Primary Actions

1. Adherence with established financial policies
2. Prioritize evaluation of 3rd party usage of athletic fields
3. Invest in Vestavia Hills City Schools
4. Explore fire service enhancements in Liberty Park
5. Continue “First Step Pavement Management System”
6. Continue trade area economic development strategies
7. Highway 31 right-of-way beautification
8. Improve Liberty Park ballfields

Secondary Actions

1. Prioritize transportation improvement projects
2. Add parking at the Civic Center
3. Invest in City Hall complex generator
4. Add a veteran’s memorial at Altadena Valley Park
5. Plan for east side police facility
6. Plan for east side library facility
7. A more digital government – paperless when possible
8. Improve Cahaba Heights gateway
9. Evaluate more effective communication strategies
10. Adopt updated sidewalk masterplan
11. Invest in Phase 2 of Altadena Valley Park
12. Expand capabilities of Public Works personnel