Entertainment Districts

The City of Vestavia Hills has three entertainment districts – Rocky Ridge, City Center (Highway 31) and Cahaba Heights. (See maps for district boundaries.)

The Vestavia Hills City Council is considering a request to expand the footprint of the existing Cahaba Heights Entertainment District to allow additional opportunities for business owners to offer outdoor entertainment events. Click the image to view the current and proposed district enhancements or visit https://vhal.org/community/entertainment-districts for more information. Have questions or comments? Visit https://www.opentownhall.com/11906 to submit online. Your questions/comments will be shared with the Council prior to a final decision on this topic.

Click to view proposed enhancements to the existing Cahaba Heights Entertainment District. Visit https://www.opentownhall.com/11906 to submit a question or comment regarding these district enhancements.

Within an entertainment district, patrons of a participating merchant may exit with an open alcoholic beverage (no bottles or glass) and consume the beverage anywhere within the confines of the entertainment district but may not enter another licensed premises with open containers or closed containers of alcoholic beverages acquired elsewhere.

Except for special events as permitted by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, no alcoholic beverages purchased outside of the district shall be allowed in open containers in the entertainment district.

Alcoholic beverages may be sold by licensed merchants and consumed within the entertainment district designation boundaries: Sunday-Thursday: Noon to 9pm; and Friday & Saturday: Noon-11pm.*

* The City Manager may, at his discretion, issue a waiver to these posted hours. Existing noise ordinance requirements remain in effect.

Established by City Ordinance 2600 and 2802.