The Finance Department strives to ensure the financial integrity of the City through employing qualified and educated personnel of the highest moral standards. The Department’s staff consists of seven (7) full-time employees.

Through the efforts of the Finance Department’s personnel, the City of Vestavia Hills financial position has been and remains extremely strong. The City is one of three (3) municipalities with the highest financial/bond rating in the State of Alabama. Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings Company issued ratings of Aa1 and AA+, respectively.

The Finance Department is responsible for safeguarding Vestavia Hills’ assets through adherence to the Governmental Accounting Standards Board’s rules and regulations. The Department prepares and provides monthly financial reports and disseminates these reports to the City Council, Mayor, City Manager and Department Heads in order to keep them apprised of the expenditures of each department and the financial status of the City. Additionally, the Finance Department records and receipts all City revenues; ensures that adequate funds are available to meet daily financial obligations; ensures departmental expenditures are within budget; prepares bimonthly payrolls and weekly accounts payable payments; monitors businesses to ensure appropriate licenses are obtained; prepares annual budgets; assists external auditors in completing annual audits; and performs additional duties as required.

Our goal is to provide useful and transparent information. It is paramount to us that you are confident that your tax dollars are properly accounted for and utilized appropriately; as such, the City’s annual budget, financials, historical and current, are available for employee and public review.

It is management’s position to engage its employees and citizens by providing financial transparency. Providing a clear and unambiguous view of how funds are allocated and spent enhances trust and provides a useful resource that helps educate all interested parties.

This is a fundamental concept dating back to our founding fathers’ strongly held belief that the government is an instrument of the people. By making the City’s financial data accessible, we honor the very foundation of our democracy. We trust you will find the information beneficial.