City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk is a primary access point for citizens to interact with local government decision makers. The goal of the Office is to provide transparency for what the City does and enhance understanding of why and how we do it by being efficient, professional, responsive and creative in the delivery of services.  To achieve this, the Clerk’s Office is committed to:

  • Designing and maintaining responsive systems and processes that inform the public of the City Council’s informed decisions and legislative actions along with providing support services to City Administration and to the City Council to assist them in providing excellent service to the Community; and
  • Taking all steps necessary to ensure transparency, integrity and efficiency in all aspects of the role of this Office including, but not limited to, conducting of elections; public meetings of the Council, Board, Annexation Committee, and Commission meetings; acting as purchasing agent in issuance and invitation of bids; and adherence to local, state and federal laws; and
  • Preserving and managing the City’s official records for efficient access and retrieval, the shepherding the request for public records to completion at the request of the public, and informational/historical support to City Staff; and
  • Administering the planning and development activities of the City including requests for development and redevelopment of property; small cell deployment; annexation; drafting, adoption and enforcement of the City’s Zoning Code; developing and enhancing GIS mapping to assist all departments with mapping and informational needs; digitization of development records;
  • Leveraging technology to improve informational support and efficient accessibility to City Staff, City Administrators as well as the general public through continuing maintenance of records and embracing online accessibility, enhancing record requests, etc.

Contact Us

Office of the City Clerk
1032 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
P.O. Box 660854, Vestavia Hills, AL 35266-0854
205.978.0131 | Fax 205.978.0122
Hours 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

City Clerk/Zoning Official
Rebecca Leavings | 205.978.0131

City Planner
Conrad Garrison | 205.978.0179  |

Jack Wakefield | 205.978.0101

Administrative Assistant
Kay Russom | 205.978.0131  |

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