In accordance with the most recent Health Order issued by Gov. Ivey, the City of Vestavia Hills is offering remote access to meetings and public hearings, in addition to in-person attendance. For specific participation instructions (links, phone numbers, etc.) visit individual board pages. The following model is intended for City Council meetings, as well as other City boards/commissions:

  • The agenda should be limited to items that need to be immediately considered by the City Council for a particular meeting that is affected by public health orders. The determination for items to be included on the City Council agenda should be made by the Mayor and the City Manager upon input of all Council members
  • Prior to the meeting, the Zoom videoconference option (as scheduled by the City Manager), along with a phone number for a teleconference option, shall be published with an access code so that anyone participating can remotely join and comment during the meeting. This information is relayed through public notice which also references a web page designated off of the “Alert Center” section of the website and further mentioned in a “callout” on the agenda. Council or Board members should attend the meeting through the Zoom videoconferencing option or, if unavailable, by calling in via telephone.
  • Department Heads, applicants and anyone not critical to the running of the meeting should be encouraged to utilize video or audio conferencing rather than attending physically.
  • For City Council meetings, the City Manager and City Clerk shall be physically present in order to preside over the meeting.  A Police Officer will be stationed at the door in order to assist anyone physically attending to ensure he/she is seated in accordance with the State’s Order.
  • Pursuant to the Order, a quorum of the Council or Board may be obtained digitally, as there is no requirement that they be physically present. Votes of the Council/Board shall be done via audio/video on a roll call vote.
  • All participants physically present, including the Council, staff, audience, etc., shall be seated a minimum distance so as to maintain required “social distancing.” Any audience members that cannot be physically separated within the social distancing confines, will be encouraged by the attending Police Officer to go to their vehicle and participate via telephone.
  • It will be incumbent upon the Mayor and/or Chairperson to carefully maneuver the meeting to ensure that every speaker is heard and identified. This might require additional time than a normal meeting so everyone must be patient for the meeting to remain in order.
  • All participants shall be repeatedly reminded to adhere to the following: (1) Do NOT put the phone on hold, as music and other sounds will distract from the meeting; (2) participants should be aware and try to minimize any background noise on their end, i.e. dogs, kids, conversations, etc.; and (3) no participant should be driving, if in a vehicle.  The vehicle should be stationary, to avoid background noises.   All participants must identify themselves during a public hearing and be recognized by the Mayor and/or Chairperson.
  • In coordination with the Mayor presiding, the City Manager shall direct the Zoom meeting and mute individuals as needed or encourage participants to self-mute until needed to speak. He is also responsible for any information that needs to be placed on the screen for viewing.  For other Boards, the City Clerk and/or City Planner shall direct the Zoom meetings as the Chairperson presides.
  • The Clerk’s office will take all actions necessary to contact applicants to ensure that all are familiar with presentation of their cases. These have already been scheduled; any upcoming cases will be delayed as much as possible.
  • Internal testing has proven that the Council Chambers appears to be acoustically feasible for hearing comments from all Council members, phone callers and speakers at the podium. The video equipment may also be used that will be archived to show and hear the speakers, public hearings, etc.
  • Meetings will proceed as normal with a motion and a second with each speaker identified. The Mayor, City Manager or City Clerk will make the presentation of each item. Any supporting information will be obtained by the applicant, etc., via telephone. Board members will have information on screen in the Chambers, other board members will be asked to have the information in front of them via personal PC, laptop, iPad, etc. Since the agendas are posted with all supporting documentation ahead of time, the public also has the opportunity to view the information and comment.
  • If possible, the Council meeting will be videotaped, as usual, for purpose of managing attendance limitations.
  • At the end of the meeting, the agenda will be utilized as an expedited meeting synopsis along with supplementary notes as to the actions taken by the Council or Board, members participating, and time of adjournment. It will be posted to the website within 12 hours of the conclusion of the meeting pursuant to Alabama law.
  • These guidelines are subject to change.


The Vestavia Hills City Council meets at 6 pm on the second and fourth Monday of the month except on holidays and in the event of inclement weather. The minutes of past meetings are included in the agenda packet for the next meeting. To view agenda packets prior to those shown on the Agendas and Packets link, follow the Archive link. For agenda packets prior to the online Archive, contact the City Clerk.

To have an item included on the agenda, contact the City Clerk by noon the Wednesday prior to the meeting. An open period of public comment is held at the end of each regular City Council meeting.