Disability Access Parking

Disability Access Parking license plates, placards and temporary placards are the only recognized means of identifying vehicles permitted to utilize handicap parking spaces. Disability Access Parking privileges may be requested in the form of:

  • Handicap License Plates: issued only to vehicles owned or co-owned by (a) persons with a disability which limits or impairs their ability to walk; or (b) organizations that transport persons with a disability
  • Handicap Placards: issued only to persons with a disability who have a long-term or short-term (not to exceed six months) limitation or impairment in their ability to walk

Please note that while Disability Access Parking credentials are issued by the state of Alabama, only Vestavia Hills residents may apply in the City of Vestavia Hills. Residents of other municipalities may not submit their application in Vestavia Hills.

Additional information regarding the application process will be published to the page soon.