About & FAQs

The Vestavia Hills City Council has four Places with the Mayor presiding. Vestavia Hills has a Council-Manager form of government in which the Council’s role is policy-making and considering those actions which require Council approval, and daily operations of the City are the responsibility of the City Manager. The Mayor and the four members of the Vestavia Hills City Council are elected at large, meaning that each represents all residents of Vestavia Hills rather than those of a particular geography. Therefore, the Mayor and/or any member of the Council may address any issue, regardless of area.

The City Council typically meets in regular session the second and fourth Mondays of each month. The regular Council work session is scheduled for the third Monday of each month. Schedule changes may be made due to certain holidays, emergency closures, etc. Meetings and work sessions begin at 6pm and are open to the public, although comment may only be made at the invitation of the Mayor. For more information or to discuss the inclusion of an item on the Council meeting agenda, contact City Clerk Rebecca Leavings at rleavings@vhal.org or 205.978.0131.

Contact Information

Ashley C. Curry, Mayor
205.978.0130  |  acurry@vhal.org

Rusty Weaver, City Council, Place No. 1 (Mayor Pro-Tempore)
205.957.7427  |  rweaver@vhal.org

Kimberly Cook, City Council, Place No. 2
205.807.0503  |  kcook@vhal.org

Paul J. Head, City Council, Place No. 3
205.490.3477  |  phead@vhal.org

George Pierce, City Council, Place No. 4
205.490.4752  |  gpierce@vhal.org

Jeff Downes, City Manager
205.978.0195  |  jdownes@vhal.org

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Council Places?
There are four Places on the Vestavia Hills City Council in addition to the Mayor. “Places” designates the seats only; they are not tied to any geographic area, as the Mayor and City Council are elected at large.

When are Council members elected?
Members of the Vestavia Hills City Council are elected for four-year terms on the fourth Tuesday of August for terms beginning November 1 of that year.

How can I view minutes of a Council meeting?
The minutes of the previous meeting are included with the agenda for the upcoming meeting. Agendas are available online at https://vhal.org/government/agendas.