VHPD Teen Safety Driver Training


Our mission is to provide each student with the necessary information and techniques to be a SAFE RESPONSIBLE DRIVER. To assist each student in adopting an attitude that accepts the serious nature of driving without being frightened by it. Accomplishing this through organized curriculum and professional instruction.

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Course Information

**Each student MUST provide their own vehicle.**

The Teen Safety Driver Training is divided into 4 courses:

  1. Accident Avoidance/Lane Changing Course; students will:
    – learn better control over the vehicle when making abrupt movements
    – experience their vehicle’s ABS braking system
  2. Precision Backing Course; students will:
    – learn how to properly navigate tight turns – learning the “pivot point” of their vehicle
    – practice backing between lanes
  3. Forward/Backward Serpentine; students will:
    – exercise proper steering techniques as they maneuver in a serpentine manner
  4. Figure 8; students will:
    – practice entering and navigating curves

Training Dates, Time, Location & Cost

Training Dates have been postponed until further notice.


Sessions begin promptly at 8:00am and conclude at approximately 3:00pm (may end sooner for smaller groups).


All sessions take place in the back parking lot at Shades Mountain Baptist Church (2017 Columbiana Road, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216). Easiest access to the back packing lot is by entering the property via Vestaview Lane.


The cost per student is $55.00 and may be paid by cash or check upon arrival at the training session.