Vestavia Hills has been a Tree City USA municipality since 1991, and we are proud of our beautiful landscape of trees. Trees provide many benefits to the community and environment, but they also require responsibility. If you do not find the tree information you need below, contact

To view the Alabama Power Company guidelines for selection and placement of trees near power company equipment, review: Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

Dead/Sick Trees in Right-of-Way: Public Services generally does not remove healthy trees from the right-of-way. If you see a dead or sick tree in right-of-way, call 205.978.0150 or report via Vestavia Hills Connect.

Neighbor’s Trees: Concerns regarding a neighbor’s tree is a civil issue between private parties; the City does not become involved. If you are unable to resolve a tree dispute, you may wish to seek legal advice.

Tree Work by Contractors: Contractors are responsible to remove trees and tree trimmings. Ensure your contractor is aware of this responsibility and also that the contractor has a Vestavia Hills Business License prior to doing work

Limbs & Tree Trimmings: Residents who cut and prune trees should ensure the pieces are cut appropriately and piled separately from other trash for collection. See Waste Collection Guidelines.

Health of Your Tree: The Jefferson County Extension Service has resources to assist you for questions regarding the health of your tree. Visit for more information.