Municipal Elections

Update on Elections 2016.

The results of the August 23, 2016 elections ended with declared winners for Mayor, Council Place One, Council Place Two, and Council Place Four.  A Run Off Election was declared for the top two candidates in Council Place Three between Steve Ammons and Paul J. Head.  On August 25, 2016, Mr. Ammons submitted a written statement to the Election Manager of his desire to withdraw from the runoff election.  Pursuant to Alabama law, Mr. Head is declared the winner of City Council, Place 3.

Certificate of Elections will be issued at the September 12, 2016 City Council meetings.  The new Council will be seated at the first regular meeting of November, November 7, 2016.

Mayor & City Council “elect”

Ashley Curry, Mayor
Dennis “Rusty” Weaver, City Council, Place No. 1
Kimberly Cook, City Council, Place No. 2
Paul J. Head, City Council, Place No. 3
George Pierce, City Council, Place No. 4

Election Day is Here!

Information for election totals will be posted here as precincts report into City Hall and as time permits.  A tally sheet will be posted at the link below with the appropriate number of voter totals.  News organizations and other interested parties, if you wish to receive a link after the final total is posted, please contact Kay Russom at 205-978-0131 or email her at with your requested email address.  Please note, emails/phone calls received after 5 PM may not be added to the listing.  Please send communications prior to 5 PM.

Please click the link for voter counts with 7 of 7 precincts in:  click here for tally sheet

 (One ballot was hand counted at Mountaintop Community Church – Place 3 due to machine error and added to Machine 1)

Absentee Ballot Information:  please click here

Sample Ballot:  please click here

Voter List:  please click here (please note, this is a large download)

**Last day to register with Board of Registrars is August 8, 2016 to vote in this election.**

For Polling Information and other Voter Information visit:


The officially qualified candidates to run for municipal office pursuant to the Notice of Election of Municipal Officers are listed as follows:


Office of the Mayor:
  • Ashley C. Curry
  • Alberto “Butch” Zaragoza, Jr.
Council, Place No. 1:
  • John D. Henley
  • Dennis “Rusty” Weaver
Council, Place No. 2:
  • Kim Benos
  • Kimberly Cook
Council, Place No. 3:
  • Steve Ammons
  • Robert de Buys
  • Paul J. Head
Council, Place No. 4:
  • Robert “Bob” Elliott
  • George Pierce
  • Jim Diggle ** Mr. Diggle qualified as Council, Place #2 and filed a withdrawal of candidacy with the Mayor on 7/20/16 and is no longer a candidate**



           Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, an election for the purpose of electing a Mayor and a City Council Member for each of four (4) City Council places numbered Place One, Place Two, Place Three, and Place Four for the City of Vestavia Hills, Alabama, will be held, and that all registered and qualified electors of the state, who reside within the corporate limits of Vestavia Hills, Alabama, and have resided therein for thirty (30) days or more immediately preceding the date of the election, and who are qualified to vote in the county precinct which embraces and covers that part of the corporate limits of the City of Vestavia Hills in which the elector resides, will be authorized to participate in the election. The polls will be opened at (1) the Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church, 2061 Kentucky Avenue; (2) the Horizon Church, 2345 Columbiana Road; (3) the Liberty Park Baptist Church, 12001 Liberty Parkway; (4) the Mountaintop Community Church, 225 Centerview Drive; (5) the Town Village Vestavia Hills, 2385 Dolly Ridge Road; and (6) the Cahaba Heights Community and Senior Citizens Center, 4401 Dolly Ridge Road, from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., Central Daylight Time. If necessary, a run-off election will be held on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Any qualified elector who will have resided within the municipality for a period of at least ninety (90) days on election day may qualify to run for office by filing the appropriate forms and paying any appropriate fees, as otherwise provided by law. The Municipal Elections Manager (City Clerk) will begin accepting Statements of Candidacy at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 5, 2016.  No Statement of Candidacy for this election will be accepted later than Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. Alberto C. Zaragoza, Jr., Mayor;   City of Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Location of Voting Places

    • Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church
    • 2061 Kentucky Avenue
    • Vestavia Hills, Alabama
    • Liberty Park Baptist Church
    • 12001 Liberty Parkway
    • Vestavia Hills, Alabama
    • Town Village Vestavia Hills
    • 2385 Dolly Ridge Road
    • Vestavia Hills, Alabama
    • Absentee Balloting Vestavia Hills Municipal Center
    • 1032 Montgomery Highway
    • Vestavia Hills, Alabama
    • Horizon Church
    • 2345 Columbiana Road
    • Vestavia Hills, Alabama
    • Mountaintop Community Church
    • 225 Centerview Drive
    • Vestavia Hills, Alabama
    • Cahaba Heights Community and Senior Citizens Center
    • 4401 Dolly Ridge Road
    • Vestavia Hills, Alabama