Code Enforcement

All property maintenance complaints, other than for building structure, are addressed by the Police Department’s Code Enforcement Officer. Noise complaints are also addressed by VHPD. The Ordinances that address these concerns are below. Anonymous complaints may be submitted through Vestavia Hills Connect or by calling 205.978.0113.

City of Vestavia Hills Property Maintenance Code (Ordinance Number 2262)
City of Vestavia Hills Noise Control Ordinance  (Ordinance Number 2310)


Per Vestavia Hills Ordinance Number 56, “No person shall have, keep, store, use, manufacture, sell or handle any consumer fireworks within the city … The police chief may, upon due application, issue a permit to a properly qualified person for giving a pyrotechnic display of fireworks in the public parks or other open places within the city or the police jurisdiction thereof.”

Use of fireworks within the City limits requires:

(1) Approval from the Chief of the Vestavia Hills Police Department: Prior to applying for a business license or permit, contact VHPD at 205.978.0140 to request approval.

(2) Fireworks Permit from the Alabama State Fire Marshal: Following VHPD approval, apply for a permit from the Alabama Fire Marshal. The permit application is available online at Note: This permit requires submission of a site plan, as well as proof of individual licensure and insurance.

(3) City of Vestavia Hills Business License: If approved and the date of the fireworks show is within 30 calendar days, the purchase of both a temporary City of Vestavia Hills license, as well as an annual license, is required. Click here to download the TEMPORARY Business License Application. Click here to download the NEW Business License Application (complete all of page 1 and the top of page 3). The current cost for this City of Vestavia Hills license is $162.00 total ($150 + 12 issuance fee).