A Life Above

Welcome to the City of Vestavia Hills – Alabama’s premier place to live, shop, work and play. Vestavia Hills is an economically powerful and culturally fascinating community that exemplifies the ideals of fine southern hospitality. A strong sense of community pride, coupled with top-performing schools and a thriving economy, make Vestavia Hills “A Life Above.”

We are more than a city. We are businesses, neighbors and friends, all connected by a place. A place built high on a crest by adventurers who sought fertile ground and fresh perspectives. A place that inspires us with an elevated view. On life. On home. On Family. and the true meaning of each. We are rooted in the shared pride of our heritage. We are bound by the values we embrace every day. We are fueled by the fires that light tomorrow’s course. This place is part of who we are. This place is part of who our children will become. We are here with awareness, with conviction and with a true passion for this beautiful place we call home. We are a city that celebrates our successes, special occasions and sense of community. Click here to see what “A Life Above” means to us.

Historical Sites

Vestavia Hills was named after Vestavia, the Roman-inspired estate of George Ward. Mr. Ward, former mayor of Birmingham, designed Sibyl Temple as a replica of the Temple of Sibyl in Tivoli, Italy, near Rome. It was the garden gazebo of his Vestavia estate and served as the entrance to a bird sanctuary, as well as being the scene of many colorful parties. Vestavia Hills Baptist Church purchased the property in 1958. Mr. Ward’s house was demolished in 1971 but the Temple was spared. In 1976, the Temple was relocated to its current location near the intersection of U.S. Highway 31 and Shades Crest Road. This iconic landmark serves as a gateway to the northern entrance of the City and its image appears in the official seal of Vestavia Hills.

Vestavia Hills has many historic homes. Click HERE to view the homes and their addresses. For more information, contact the Vestavia Hills Historical Society via email (vhHistoricalSociety@gmail.com) or on Facebook (@VHhistoricalsociety).

Get Involved

Vestavia Hills has numerous opportunities to get involved, whatever your passion. We have a well-educated, thriving community of professionals and individuals who are very engaged to make an impact within and beyond our community. Click HERE to explore some of the many options available.