Contractor License Renewal

All 2022 City of Vestavia Hills Contractor Business Licenses will be processed online through Citizen Services. Registration and step-by-step renewal instructions are available below. (Click here to download a PDF of these instructions.) Be sure to have any State Cards and your driver license on hand prior to beginning the renewal process, as they will be required to renew your 2022 City of Vestavia Hills Business License through Citizen Services.

Please note that your Contractors Business License Number will change. You will be assigned a new Business License number and, after renewing for 2022, you will no longer utilize the license number referenced in your renewal notice.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Building Safety at 205.978.0125 or 205.978.0147.

STEP 1: Visit and select “Department of Building Safety.”

STEP 2: Click “Select” in the “Contractor License” box.

STEP 3: On the Contractor License page, click “Apply Online.”

STEP 4: Create log in credentials. Click “Sign Up” below “Welcome to City of Vestavia Hills, AL” then enter your email address and a password. Then click “Sign Up” in the blue box at the bottom. Note: Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and must include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number. Be sure to save/remember this log in information. When applying for future permits, etc., you will be required to log in to this site using the log in information you are creating today.

STEP 5: Enter your contact information to create your profile and click “Next.” The information you enter today will be saved and you will not be asked to re-enter this information the next time you visit the site, so be sure to enter accurate information.

STEP 6: Click the box below “I have read the above statement” to confirm that you have read the license renewal statement, then click “Next.”

STEP 7: Review the License Application Types and click “Next.”

STEP 8: Enter your applicant information and click “Next.”

STEP 9: Enter your business information and click “Next.”

STEP 10: Enter the owner contact information and click “Next.”

STEP 11: Review the question and select the appropriate answer in the box below the question. After answering, click “Next.” Note: If your business is operated out of a Vestavia Hills residence, you will be redirected to another page to enter additional information.

STEP 12: Enter your digital signature and click “Next.”

STEP 13: Click “Upload” next to Drivers License and State of Alabama License to upload a photo of each. Both of these documents are required to complete your license renewal application. You may also click “Add Attachment” to provide any additional documents necessary for the processing of your license renewal application.

STEP 14: Thoroughly review the information you have entered and make any necessary changes. Once everything is correct, click “Confirm and Submit.” If you are unsure, you may click “Save Draft and Exit.” This will save your draft information and allow you to confirm and submit later.

Upon submission of your renewal information you will receive a message confirmation message. Your application will be routed for review and processing by the City of Vestavia Hills Building Safety staff. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Building Safety at 205.978.0125 or 205.978.0147.