Sign permits may be submitted online using Vestavia Hills Online Services. To report suspected signage violations, call 205.978.0125 or report via Vestavia Hills Connect.

Sign regulations are defined by City Ordinance with the purpose of providing specific guidance for the control of all signs designed or intended to be seen by, or attract the attention of, the public, which may be erected, displayed, maintained, or altered in the City, for the public health, safety and welfare of the residents. Further, it is the intent of this Ordinance to:

  • Support implementation of the City of Vestavia Hills Comprehensive Plan 2004-2025 and any subsequent adopted amendments.
  • Encourage the effective use of signs as a means of communication in the City.
  • Acknowledge the public need of commercial and non-commercial individuality and expression balanced with the public need for an aesthetically pleasing community.
  • Provide a pleasing overall environmental setting and community appearance deemed vital to the continued economic viability of the City.
  • Protect and enhance the value of properties and to have signage appropriate to the planned character and development of each area in the City.
  • Promote quality and consistent signage within the community.
  • Provide signage standards by which all properties are to adhere.
  • Assist the applicant in understanding how to apply for signage plan approval as required.
  • Promote the public health, safety and welfare of the City by preventing signs from becoming hazards or nuisances.

The sign regulations are found in the Zoning Ordinance, Article 11 Sign Regulations, Vestavia Hills, Alabama – Code of Ordinances.