Training Division

The Training Division of the Vestavia Hills Fire Department strives to educate, enrich and empower every member of the department in all aspects of fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency medical services, public education, rescue, hazardous materials incident mitigation and public service, in order that they may provide the utmost service to the citizens we serve.

This is achieved by developing and promoting a continuous training program in a wide range of disciplines ranging from basic firefighting skills to advanced technical rescue operations. We continue to train and improve our firefighting practices and skills.

Vestavia Hills Fire Department is home to Alabama Mutual Aid System (AMAS), Heavy Rescue 55 (HR55). This team trains in specialized disciplines like confined space rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse, rope rescue, rapid intervention teams and water rescue.

Fire officers attend career development classes where they advance their skills and knowledge in the aspects of crew and resource management, emergency scene size-up, incident command and National Incident Management Systems (NIMS). This helps them manage a myriad of emergency situations that occur in the community. In addition to attending career development courses company officers participate and lead their companies in monthly drills, ongoing territory training, and pre-fire inspections to maintain proficiency in firefighting and EMS skills.