Human Resources


James Randall, Payroll/HR Administrator
Phone 205.978.0192
Fax 205.978.0132


The City of Vestavia Hills is an equal opportunity employer. Employees are categorized into two primary categories: classified (police, fire, EMS services and administrative positions) or non-classified (maintenance, laborer or library page). Regardless of category, all applicants must make application through the Jefferson County Personnel Board. The City typically hires exclusively from the certification listings provided by the Personnel Board. To view the listing of available positions, CLICK HERE to visit our employment page, or contact the Personnel Board online at or call 205.325.5515.

Applicants interested in non-classified positions may contact the respective City department for additional information:

Public Services 205.978.0150

Parks & Recreation 205.978.0166

Library 205.978.0155