Ordinance Number 2418 – An Ordinance Regulating Soliciting, Peddling and Panhandling The City Council of the City of Vestavia Hills, Alabama, at its regular meeting of October 22, 2012, adopted and approved Ordinance Number 2418 – An Ordinance Regulating Soliciting, Peddling and Panhandling. This page will assist in providing information to potential door-to-door solicitors operating

Ad Valorem Tax

Jefferson County is responsible for assessing and collecting ad valorem taxes for real and personal property in the City of Vestavia Hills. Questions regarding tax assessment should be directed to: Gaynelle Hendricks, Tax Assessor Jefferson County Courthouse 716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N, Suite 170 Birmingham, AL 35203 205.325.5505 Questions regarding tax collection should be

Business Licenses & Sales Tax

Downloadable application (email, or submit manually) and links to forms and resources for business license and sales tax. Online filing available for sales tax reporting. Contractors (builders, plumbers, landscapers) etc. may call the Building Safety office at 205.978.0125 between the hours of 7am-4pm for questions about business license. For other types of businesses, please contact


When and how do I obtain a City of Vestavia Hills business license? Please visit the Business License and Sales Tax page of our website. You may also contact George Sawaya at or 205.978.0127. PLEASE NOTE: Contractors, subcontractors, commercial landscapers, etc., should obtain license applications from the City of Vestavia Hills Building Safety department page.

Financial Statements

SEC Municipal Advisor – IRMA Exemption Notice Financial Statements FY2019 Audited Financial Statement FY2018 Audited Financial Statement FY2017 Audited Financial Statement FY2016 Audited Financial Statement FY 2015 Audited Financial Statement FY 2014 Audited Financial Statement FY 2013 Audited Financial Statement FY2012 Audited Financial Statement FY2011 Audited Financial Statement FY2010 Audited Financial Statement Budget Statements FY2021

Human Resources

Contact James Randall, Payroll/HR Administrator Phone 205.978.0192 Fax 205.978.0132 Employment The City of Vestavia Hills is an equal opportunity employer. Employees are divided into two primary categories: classified and non-classified. Applicants for classified positions (police, fire, EMS services and administrative positions) need to make application through the Jefferson County Personnel Board. The City normally

Vehicle Tags

The City of Vestavia Hills tag service is available only for residents of the City of Vestavia Hills. Other residents of Jefferson County have the option of renewing auto tags at the Jefferson County Revenue Office located in Hoover (205.497.8976), the. Jefferson County Courthouse, or the Bessemer Courthouse or Centerpoint Courthouse. The City of Vestavia


When and where does the Planning and Zoning Commission meet, and what is the deadline for submitting a case to be heard by the Commission? Meetings of the Planning and Zoning Commission are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM in the City Council Chambers at City Hall and are open

Home Sharing

Due to today’s trending of home sharing businesses in the City which are listed on various websites including, but not limited to AirBnB’s, VRBO, etc., the City Council formed a committee headed by George Pierce, Councilor and Kimberly Cook, Councilor to study the trending issue and determine if changes needed to be made in the

Master Planning Guides

Vestavia Hills Comprehensive Master Plan 2004-2025 Adopted in 2004 by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council for use as an aid in the development of properties within the City of Vestavia Hills. Later, in 2007, the Commission and Council adopted an amendment to the Plan entitled the Cahaba Heights Community Plan for