Low Impact Development (LID)

Low Impact Development is a comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach with the goal of maintaining and enhancing storm water runoff of developing watersheds. LID systems utilize practices that create or mimic natural processes that result in infiltration, evapotranspiration or use of storm water in order to protect water quality and associated watersheds. Principles

Court Etiquette and Decorum

No matter your role in a court case – litigant, defendant, attorney or witness – making a good impression and respecting the dignity of the court is to be respected and maintained at all times. Your actions and appearance show that you respect the court, the Judge, and the importance of the proceedings. This starts with

Special Senior Property Tax Exemption

Frequently Asked Questions > What is the Special Senior Property Tax Exemption and do I qualify? In November 2022, Alabama voters passed a Constitutional Amendment, which allows homeowners in Jefferson County who are 65 or older to claim an additional Special Senior Property Tax Exemption. This is in addition to the currently available Over 65 Exemption