Drainage Studies & Projects

> Drainage Assessments > Ongoing & Future Drainage Projects > Recently Completed Drainage Projects > Planning Studies Drainage Assessments Upper Highway 31/Shades Crest/Vestavia Lake Drainage Assessment – Stormwater Masterplan to inventory and analyze existing storm drainage system and develop plans to improve deficiencies. Consultant: Schoel Engineering Dolly Ridge Drainage Assessment – More information to come. Fairhaven Drive Drainage

Stormwater Management

> Program Overview > Permit Components > Related Ordinances > Important Numbers > Community Meetings & Presentations > Current Drainage Studies & Project Information > What is Stormwater? > What is a 100-Year Flood? > Floodplain Management Plan In 1972, the Clean Water Act was passed to help protect rivers, streams, and lakes from pollution.

Electronic Bulletin Board

Welcome to Vestavia Hills’ Electronic Bulletin Board. This is an easy index to view public postings, adopted ordinances, consideration of upcoming ordinances, etc., in their entirety. Please choose from the category below which area you would like to view: > Ordinances Recently Adopted by the City Council > Ordinances/Notices of Ordinances to be Considered for

Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority

The civic engagement of our many volunteer members of City boards and committees are essential to our high quality of life in Vestavia Hills. We are grateful for the great contribution of service these volunteers make to our community. For more information about boards and committees, call 205.978.0100 or email administration@vhal.org. The City of Vestavia