Small Cell Technology

Many cities in Alabama are becoming subject to a new cellular technology called “small cell technology.” These small cellular towers are affixed to poles located both within the rights-of-ways of the City and on private properties and installed in order to fix lack of services in certain locations throughout the City and, later, to make way for new 5G technology. The City Council adopted and approved Ordinance Number 2814-A to regulate this new technology. The Council also adopted Ordinance Number 2815-A to regulate the small cell fees.  Ideally, the requesting media entity would survey areas identified for needed coverage and attempt to collocate on existing poles in the area. If no existing pole is available, the request for a new pole, when submitted, will go before the City Council for approval. Notification of the request and public hearing will be advertised via a sign posted at the site of the request as well as door hangers that will be hung at adjacent residences/businesses of the area. A public hearing will be conducted to determine approval and/or denial of said request. Notification times are short because the FCC has instituted a “shock clock” which limits the time that the City can utilize in order to process these applications. The City will make every attempt to provide as much notification as possible with each new pole request.

A copy of the applications for small cell locations may be obtained by clicking the links below:

As of August 17, 2019, no new applications for said technology has been submitted to the City. This page will be updated as applications are submitted. Questions should be directed to the Vestavia Hills City Manager at or the Vestavia Hills City Clerk at