Highway 31 South

A charrette is a collaborative and creative brainstorming event to bring community members and stakeholders together with a team of designers, planners, facilitators and illustrators to explore a shared vision for the future of Vestavia Hills. We appreciate the input of our community members, elected officials, development professionals and all stakeholders.

Charrette Kick-off Meeting: March 14, 2023 ~ 5:30-7pm at Vestavia Hills Civic Center. All are invited to attend. This meeting is designed to allow public comment on the project area. Click to view the Kick-off presentation.

Stakeholder Meetings: March 15, 2023. Meetings are by invitation only and are designed to receive focus on the information provided during the Charrette Kick-off Meeting.

Closing Session: Work-in-Progress: March 16, 2023 ~ 4-5pm at Vestavia Hills Civic Center. All are invited to review the plan components. Click to view the Work-in-Progress presentation.