Property Complaints

Building Safety only addresses property complaints relative to the structural condition of a building. Beginning October 2014, all other property complaints are addressed by the Police Department’s Code Enforcement Officer. Anonymous complaints may be submitted through Vestavia Hills Connect, or call 205.978.0113. City of Vestavia Hills Property Maintenance Code (Ordinance Number 2262)


Sign permits may be submitted online using Vestavia Hills Online Services. To report suspected signage violations, call 205.978.0125 or report via Vestavia Hills Connect. Sign regulations are defined by City Ordinance with the purpose of providing specific guidance for the control of all signs designed or intended to be seen by, or attract the attention

Community Emergency Response Team

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a unique training opportunity that is offered to the community by the Vestavia Hills Fire Department. The purpose of CERT is to prepare the community for a disaster. During a disaster, emergency resources will likely be overwhelmed. CERT members are able to assist the community when emergency resources are not

Fire Prevention

Preventive Services The City of Vestavia Hills Fire Department provides the following preventive services: Fire Safety Education Presentations at schools; monthly fire drills at schools Group tours at the fire stations Fire Safety Day Review of plans for commercial projects Key Boxes A key box allows VHFD access to a business for after-hours responses. A

CPR Training & Registration

VHFD offers CPR training for our citizens and employees of local businesses. Registration Individuals: Vestavia Hills citizens may register online by completing the form below or by calling 205.978.0212. The cost is $35 per participant ($32 to VHFD + $3 processing fee) and must be paid in advance by mailing a check to: Vestavia Hills

Training Division

The Training Division of the Vestavia Hills Fire Department strives to educate, enrich and empower every member of the department in all aspects of fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency medical services, public education, rescue, hazardous materials incident mitigation and public service, in order that they may provide the utmost service to the citizens we serve.

Animal Control & Carcass Removal

Animal Control is managed by the Vestavia Hills Police Department. If additional information or assistance is needed, call 205.978.0113. Animal Control and the prevention of rabies in the City of Vestavia Hills, Alabama, and within the police jurisdiction thereof, is governed by Chapter Four of the Vestavia Hills Code of Ordinances. The City’s Code of

Business Services

The Vestavia Hills Police Department strives to serve as well as maintain a safe community for our local businesses to thrive and prosper. This page is an overview of some of the services our Department consistently provides to businesses in addition to general patrols and investigations. We are continually reviewing our policies and procedures to

Children’s Safety

VHPD has an agreement with the A Child Is Missing Alert Program, a nationwide non-profit organization that helps law enforcement agencies locate missing children, missing elderly persons (often suffering from Alzheimer’s), college students, and missing persons who are mentally or physically challenged or disabled. A Child is Missing utilizes sophisticated computer mapping systems and trained

Code Enforcement

All property maintenance complaints, other than for building structure, are addressed by the Police Department’s Code Enforcement Officer. Noise complaints are also addressed by VHPD. The Ordinances that address these concerns are below. Anonymous complaints may be submitted through Vestavia Hills Connect or by calling 205.978.0113. City of Vestavia Hills Property Maintenance Code (Ordinance Number