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Drainage Assessments

  • Vestavia Hills Stormwater Masterplan Project and Drainage Study (FINAL) – A Stormwater Masterplan Drainage Study was conducted to aid the City of Vestavia Hills in addressing the stormwater challenges the City and its residents face due to aged infrastructure combined with continual growth in both residential and commercial construction. As a result, Schoel has been tasked with evaluating the drainage system in the City of Vestavia Hills to determine the capacity of the existing system, identify constraints within the system and provide recommendations to the system to improve the stormwater network.
  • Upper Highway 31/Shades Crest/Vestavia Lake Drainage Assessment – Residential Informational Meetings led by Schoel Engineering team have concluded. Click the link below to view the community presentations.

    November 29: https://vimeo.com/778210848
    November 30: https://vimeo.com/778211169
    December 5: https://vimeo.com/778211380
    December 8: https://vimeo.com/779660165

    Consultant: Schoel Engineering
    Updated: 12/12/2022

  • Dolly Ridge Drainage Assessment – More information to come.
  • Fairhaven Drive Drainage Assessment Click to view the Fairhaven Drive Drainage Assessment presentation. You may also access a video on the City’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiO6Qoczbek.
  • Blind Brook Lane
    Scope of Work (based on conceptual in-house review): Install approx. 60 LF of 22” x 13” RCP and two new inlets
    Consultant: In-house
    Project Status Update: Next step should project move forward would be engaging a Consultant to complete survey and design services to determine feasibility and costs
  • Ridgedale Drive
    Scope of Work (public): (1) Install approx. 880 LF of new 18” pipe; (2) Install 4 new curb inlets; (3) Install approx. 1,100 LF of new 30” valley gutter
    Consultant: Sain Associates
  • Ridgely Drive
    Scope of Work: Planning study to review existing conditions and develop improvement recommendations to address deficiencies (will likely involve public and private improvements)
    Consultant: Sain Associates
  • Tyler Road at Twin Branch
    Scope of Work: Survey and design services to assist with replacement of storm pipe failure at intersection
    Consultant: TTL
    Project Status Update: TTL is is conducting the study/survey phase. 2/10/2023

Ongoing & Future Drainage Projects

  • Autumn Lane
    Scope of Work (public): Install new 48” pipe under Autumn Lane
    Consultant: Sain Associates
    Project Status Update: Project has been put on hold due to private property upgrades required in order for project to be successful.
  • Buckhead Road
    Scope of Work: (1) Install 2 new inlets and 18” pipe under road; (2) Grade in grass swale and install rip rap
    Consultant: In-house
    Project Status Update: Scheduled early March.
  • Dolly Ridge Road
    Scope of Work (public): (1) Install 37 LF 28” x 18” RCP; (2) Install new Type-S single wing inlet; (3) Install 2 new junction boxes
    Consultant: Caprine Engineering
    Project Status Update: Construction drawings have been completed. Public Works has pipe available. Work ready to be scheduled.
  • Fairhaven/Midland/Poe
    Scope of Work: (1) Replace concrete headwall and construct a new concrete flume; (2) Replace existing 60” corrugated metal pipe
    Consultant: Engineering Design Group, LLC
    Project Status Update: These are initial 2 improvements recommended as part of stormwater masterplan study for the area.  Study is ongoing. Work ready to be scheduled.
  • Oakview Lane
    Scope of Work (Phase III): Replace old metal pipe that has collapsed along Oakview Lane and perform associated inlet box and roadway repairs
    Consultant: Caprine Engineering
    Contractor: Tomahawk Construction
    Project Status Update: 12/1/2022 Phase 3 complete.  Phase IV – future
  • Southwood Road (1930)
    Scope of Work: (1) Replace approx. 62 LF of existing 18” RCP in right-of-way; (2) Install headwall and rip rap at outfall
    Consultant: Sain Associates
    Project Status Update: Next steps are to coordinate with property owners and schedule work
  • Southwood Road (1957)
    Scope of Work: (1) Replace approx. 34 LF of existing 24” pipe under roadway; (2) Install new inlets, approx. 26 LF of new 24” pipe & headwall w/ rip rap; (3) Replace approx. 130 LF of valley gutter
    Consultant: Sain Associates
    Project Status Update: Public Works has pipe available. Work ready to be scheduled.

Recently Completed Drainage Projects

Maintenance Area 1Maintenance Area 4
Balfour DriveBlue Lake Drive at Elmore
Graylynn DriveCahaba Heights Ball Fields
Hickory RoadCrosshaven Drive
Mission RoadLewis Street
Tyler PlaceNoel Drive at Valley Park Drive
Vestavia PlaceNoel Drive at Valley Park Place
2 pipes on Massey RoadOakview Lane Phases 2 & 3
Maintenance Area 2Old Looney Mill Road
Biltmore AvenueOverton Road
Blueberry LaneOverton Road at Stoneleigh
Morgan DriveRidgely Drive
Pizitz DriveRidgely Drive at North Cahaba
Southwood RoadSheffield Drive
Trousdale StreetStoneleigh Drive
Valley Park Drive
Maintenance Area 3White Oak Drive at Valley Park Place
Beaumont at MontereyKyle Lane
Beaumont at Shades CrestBlue Lake Drive Pipe Replacement
Gresham Drive
Leslie Ann Road
Milbrook Road
Skyland Drive
Comer Circle

Planning Studies

  • Traffic Operations APPLE Study (Phase 1) – This study was initiated by the City through the Advanced Planning, Programming and Logical Engineering (APPLE) program developed by the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) and includes evaluation of traffic operations at the following intersections:
  • APPLE Potential Intersection Study:
    • Dolly Ridge Road & Rocky Ridge Road (Jeff Co) – currently signalized; review signal operations and potential turn lane additions
    • Sicard Hollow Road & Blue Lake Drive (Jeff Co/Bham) – not currently signalized; review for safety, operational and sight line improvements
    • Shades Crest/Rocky Ridge Road/U.S. Highway 280 (Jeff Co/ALDOT) – currently signalized and coordinated with U.S. 280 system; capacity analysis
    • Highway 31 & Shades Crest Road (ALDOT/Jeff Co) – currently signalized; review signal operations and potential turn lane additions
    • Highway 31 & Columbiana Road (ALDOT/Jeff Co) – currently signalized; review signal operations and operational improvements
    • Highway 31/Old Creek Trail/Leona Way (ALDOT) – currently signalized; review signal operations, operational improvements with access management
    • Columbiana Road & Shades Crest/Vestaview (Jeff Co) – currently signalized; pedestrian access
    • Highway 31/City Hall/Sprouts (ALDOT/Jeff Co) – currently signalized; pedestrian access
    • Highway 31/Pizitz Drive (ALDOT/Jeff Co) – currently signalized; pedestrian access
    • River Run Drive & River Run Trail (Jeff Co/Bham) – not signalized; analysis for need to add 3‐way stop or other means of traffic control
    • Jacobs Road & Massey Road (City of Vestavia Hills) – not signalized; review safety and sight line improvements, right‐of‐way constraints
  • Acton Road APPLE Grant (Feasibility Study) – in design phase
  • Wald Park Master Plan – awaiting Community Spaces Plan approval by Council
  • Crosshaven APPLE grant – for more information, visit Crosshaven Drive Corridor Study
  • East Street Analysis and Planning – for more information, visit East Street Data Collection Summary